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HxGN LIVE 2019
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Conference Catalog

1000 - Your Data Can Save the World; And why it matters to your business

With the Earth operating in the red, our long run of sustainable growth is at risk. As leaders, we wouldn’t operate our companies, cities or nations this way for long. When confronted with a deficit, we quickly find the inefficiencies and waste and remedy the situation. At this year’s HxGN LIVE opening keynote, Ola Rollén, Hexagon President and CEO, will show how we’re leaving big efficiency gains on the table. He’ll lay out Hexagon’s far-reaching vision for putting data to work in our organisations to reverse the trend of resource depletion and waste overwhelming Earth’s systems – and how higher productivity and quality outcomes will drive sustainability and growth for our businesses as well as the planet.

90 Minutes General Session Ola Rollen
1111 - Applying Control to Scan Data

Since the introduction of laser scanners into the market place, the utilization of Leica Geosystems Reality Capture sensors continues to be a reliable solution for many of the challenges that professionals face in today's market. One of the many keys to becoming successful with these tools is achieving efficiency in both field and office processes that yields accurate results on a consistent basis. This class will provide an overview of how to successfully apply survey control with laser scanners in the field. Students will receive hands-on experience with registering scan data to survey control in both Cyclone and Cyclone REGISTER 360 to develop dependable and efficient workflows as well as achieving the peace of mind that your project data is accurate.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Brian Elbe
1112 - Importing and Combining Data in Cyclone

When laser scanning first came into the market, it introduced a unique challenge of managing larger than normal data for many customers . Over the years, reality capture sensors have become faster at collecting point clouds as well as taking much higher pixel images, not to mention HDR formats. With today's sensors, full scans with HDR images can be captured in under 2 minutes which makes for more scans and very large data sizes. When collecting data in industrial plant settings, the facilities can be very large and many projects must address data from multiple sources captured by different contractors and service providers. Rest assured though as there are many techniques exist in Cyclone to aid in this. Participants will learn some techniques on how to import and handle large datasets, optimum file sizes for different file formats and other pertinent tips and tricks of data management. Students will also learn how to merge data from multiple databases and/or data sources using different registration techniques.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Karen Hughes
1113 - Importing Construction Data into Cyclone REGISTER 360

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 is Leica Geosystems' newest registration platform for combing point cloud data. Designed with a streamlined and modern interface, Cyclone REGISTER 360 boasts quick import times, Leica JetStream technology and simplified QA/QC tools for point cloud registration. This class will introduce construction industry users to the new interface and how to import data from different sources, create and utilize SiteMaps, and align scans together to create complete bundles. Attendees will explore QA/QC techniques and finalize and export registration to create a registration report and point cloud deliverables.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Guy Cutting
1114 - Scanning Crime Scenes and Ballistic Rods using Different Sensors

The use of Reality Capture sensors for Crime Scene documentation has gained popularity over the years. This course will cover the fundamentals of scanning using the Leica BLK360, Leica RTC360 and the Leica ScanStation P30/40 at crime scenes. Students will have the opportunity to gain experience with all three sensors where they will be used to scan a mock scene with multiple ballistic trajectory rods. Standard rod placement and tips and tricks for documenting trajectories in complex scenarios will also be presented.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Kriss Myer
Ken Jones
1115 - Survey Workflow in Pegasus Manager 1

In this first half of a two-part course, introductory concepts of Mobile Mapping will be presented along with reviewing the sensors on the Leica Pegasus Two Ultimate. Students in this class will be exposed to raw mission data downloaded from the unit, post-process the data, review the unadjusted results and create a survey control report. Students will also have the opportunity to ask industry experts about best workflows for collecting and handling Mobile Mapping data. This class is applicable for all segment customers that are looking to add Mobile Mapping to their industrial plant, survey, building construction, and public safety/forensic workflows.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) JASON ELLIS
1116 - Collecting and Reviewing CAD Field Data with Leica Captivate and Infinity

Leica Captivate and Infinity are efficient survey collection tools producing CAD ready data. This class will cover data collection with coding to create points and lines. Users will learn optimum techniques for reviewing the data using Leica Infinity software. Trainees will learn about code lists and settings and field techniques to maximize productivity. In this first half of a two-part class, students will collect the data utilized in the following Civil 3D and Bentley classes.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Richard Ostridge
Gordon DeVillers
1117 - Structural Monitoring

Modern construction, infrastructure and natural features in our world require ever increasing attention from surveyors and engineers to keep workers safe, facilitate planning, and prevent disruption of projects. Vigilant and dedicated professionals use a combination of automated instruments, GNSS receivers, laser scanners, radar, geotechnical sensors and other technology to gather geospatial data to support their decision-making processes. This discussion will cover campaign and automated monitoring technology, with exploration of considerations involved when deciding to deploy HDS sensors for automated and semi-automated monitoring. Examples of the technology in use on recent projects, where it has been combined with traditional monitoring methods to provide optimized solutions to our customers.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) William Derry
1118 - Topographic Workflows 1

Leica Geosystems Reality Capture sensors boast some of the cleanest data in the market today which makes data extraction easier than ever. This two-hour class represents the first half of this overall where students will explore several time-saving tools within Cyclone that are used to extract information for topographic deliverables. Topics will include efficient site and roadway topographic mapping techniques, optimal workflows, recommended scanning resolutions and sensor placement. In addition, we will also make suggestions for quick cleaning and segmenting of the cloud into workable pieces which helps with handling the potentially overwhelming aspects of large point cloud data. Students will gain hands-on experience with cleaning and segmentation tools, utilizing virtual surveyor, smart picks, alignment and sections tools.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Brian Elbe
Matthew Mizell
1119 - Plant Modeling in CloudWorx

Maximizing Leica CloudWorx through all our software platforms enables users to efficiently handle, manipulate, extract and produce effective plant deliverables with point cloud data. An extensive set of tools combined with Leica JetStream technology provides a seamless working environment for point cloud extraction for plant customers. Attendees will learn how to load the point cloud data, set the UCS, hide and clip the cloud, draw both in 2D and 3D, model using the fitters and other tips and tricks. Other highlighted features will include importing Cyclone objects, utilizing TruSpace and exploring the clash tool for plant applications.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Bruce Bowditch
Joey Lafranca
1120 - Utilizing Different File Formats

The Reality Capture industry has many different file types and navigating the wide variety of file extensions can prove to be an overwhelming task for users of all levels. In most if not all cases, it is important to understand the format types. How data format affects the contents of the data, what they produce, how they are used, and which software platforms will accept them is the key to picking the most effective format for your deliverables. This class will provide an overview of different scanning formats available in the Leica Reality Capture suite, advantages and disadvantages to different file formats, what they contain and produce in deliverable software packages.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Karen Hughes
1121 - Registering Crime Scene Data in Cyclone REGISTER 360

When documenting crime scenes, the Law Enforcement professional has many options for merging multiple scans together to create an overall scene. In this session, fundamental workflows of using Leica Cyclone FIELD 360 and Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 will introduce new and veteran users to the basics of registration workflows. Public Safety users will learn helpful hints of data management, storage, archiving crime scenes and optimal program settings. Students in this class will gain hands-on experience with the registration process, reviewing the data including TruSlicer or Quick Slice, and finalizing the job to create deliverables such as Leica TruViews and Leica Leica JetStream products.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Eric Richie
Ken Jones
1122 - Survey Workflow in Pegasus Manager 2

In this second half of a two-part course, students will build upon concepts learned from the earlier class and perform a trajectory update, explore MultiPass workflows, and an absolute constraint to survey control. Students will also compare post-adjustment results to validation points and the unadjusted reports from the first session (Pegasus Manager 1) to gain an understanding how the adjustments changed the dataset. This class is applicable for all segment customers that are looking to add Mobile Mapping to their industrial plant, survey, building construction, and public safety/forensic workflows.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) JASON ELLIS
1123 - Bringing Leica Captivate Field Data into Autodesk Civil 3D

In this second half of a two-part course, students will use data collected in the first session and navigate through the steps to bring data into Autodesk Civil 3D showing all codes, points and lines correctly represented. Students will learn how to configure Autodesk Civil 3D optimally to work with Leica Captivate and Infinity increasing productivity and eliminating numerous edits.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Richard Ostridge
Gordon DeVillers
1124 - Advanced Cyclone REGISTER 360 Techniques

In this Advanced Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 class, students will delve deeper into the capabilities of this registration platform. Leica Cyclone REGISTER360 supports target registration, as well as importing and registering to control. This session will expose students to workflows that include how to set survey grade parameters, handle large datasets, troubleshoot misalignment issues, SiteMap scaling and how to handle registrations with multiple SiteMaps such as different floors of a building or parking garage. In addition, students will learn how to use the cleaning tools, tips and tricks for successful registrations and export options to Leica JetStream and Leica TruView.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Guy Cutting
1125 - Topographic Workflows 2

This Part II class is an extension of the workflows from the Topo Workflows I class. While the Topographic Workflows I class introduces the student to a few of the powerful tools within Leica Geosystems software solutions. Cyclone boasts many tools which assist surveying professionals in extracting data from rich point cloud sources to create topographic maps. This two-hour class represents the second half of the overall topographic workflow where additional tools will be explored such as Breakline Creation and Editing, Fit Edge and Points on a Grid. Students will gain hands-on experience with several techniques of TIN creation including, Editing, Decimating, Filling Holes, Sample Grid and Validation.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Brian Elbe
Matthew Mizell
1126 - Tank Verification in 3DReshaper

Technodigit's 3DReshaper has introduced an extremely powerful point cloud processing software option for Plant customers. Its many tools and great reporting structure provide efficient workflows for 3D modeling, meshing tools, inspections, monitoring, volumes, comparing data, and tank calibration. In this session, students will gain insight into many of these valuable tools and workflows using Reality Capture data in 3DReshaper. In addition, students will have the opportunity to consult industry experts on how to maximize the 3DReshaper software on their own projects.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Bruce Bowditch
Kriss Myer
1127 - UCS and Aligning Point Cloud Data in Revit/Cyclone

When using Reality Capture data in the Building Construction industry, a popular workflow checking the point cloud against a model. However, this greatly depends on being sure the coordinate system of both the point cloud and the model match, so they overlay on each other. This simple task has potential to consume costly hours if not done properly or the user does not understand the workflow properly. The Leica CloudWorx for Revit plug-in has a tool to move the point cloud to a model that is helpful in many cases. Additionally, both Leica Cyclone and Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 have tools to create and store UCS (User Coordinate Systems) that becomes available to the CAD user when opening a point cloud in the Leica CloudWorx software. Users will learn necessary tools in Cyclone to set the UCS to align to models in Revit. In this class, students will be introduced to the techniques in Leica CloudWorx, Leica Cyclone and Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 of successfully creating UCS's and moving a point cloud to a model.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Michael James
Clair Vander Zwaag
1128 - Map360 Ballistic Rod Deliverables

One of the many deliverables Law Enforcement professionals need to provide from time to time is a scene diagram. Leica IMS Map360 provides powerful post production workflows for ballistic rod deliverables, along with many other aspects of the scene diagram. In this class, students will gain experience with importing point cloud data, understanding core program features, navigation tools and modeling tools. Class participants will model a variety of trajectory rods from scan data, measure and display azimuth and zenith angles as well as learn how to produce reliable and effective deliverables for their crime scenes.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Chenel Georget
Ken Jones
1129 - P Series to Pro Scan - Get Moving with Mobile Mapping

One of the many features of the Leica ScanStaton P30/P40 is that a user can "lock" the scan head into a profiling mode. This means that these scanners can be adapted for use in Mobile Mapping Applications. In this class, students will explore diversifying their business by integrating a Leica ScanStation P-Series scanner with the Leica ProScan mobile mapping solution which can potentially increase field and office productivity by 3 to 5 times. Students will collect data with the Leica ProScan while tracking it with a robotic total station. The data will be post-processed and automatically registered to survey control then the results will be reviewed in Leica Cyclone.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) JASON ELLIS
1130 - Bringing Leica Captivate Field Data into Bentley

Migrating data into MicroStation's Bentley software is an efficient and smooth process. In this session, students will learn best practices and settings for bringing in Leica Captivate field data into MicroStation's Bentley software showing all codes, points and lines correctly placed. This class will cover how to configure MicroStation's Bentley software to work with Leica Captivate and Infinity settings to ensure a smooth fast workflow and reduce edits.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Gordon DeVillers
1131 - Processing Point Cloud Data in CloudWorx

In conjunction with the powerful tools in Cyclone, surveyors that use point cloud data also have the option of using one of the many CloudWorx CAD plug-in tool sets when creating topographic maps. With the utilization of Cyclone tools where the user can export linework, COGO points and surfaces out of Cyclone, the next step of the overall workflow is migrating these features into CAD and completing the deliverable using the CloudWorx plug-in. Students will learn and gain hands-on experience of the best export formats out of Cyclone into CAD as well as exploring the many topographic extraction tools within Cloudworx for AutoCAD (Civil3D).

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Brian Elbe
Matthew Mizell
1132 - BricsCAD with CloudWorx

Join this interactive session presented by Bricsys and Leica Geosystems to learn more about BricsCAD - how it compares to other popular CAD systems and how it innovates in the CAD space to deliver efficiency and simplicity to users. The training will introduce the BricsCAD platform and an overview of Leica Geosystems CloudWorx for BricsCAD point cloud plugin. The BricsCAD section will focus on familiar functionality including the user interface and DWG file format as well as innovative tools ranging from the Drawing Explorer and special settings to Quad and CUI. We will also explore the BricsCAD's unique productivity tools and how they can be leveraged by users increase productivity. The CloudWorx for BricsCAD portion will address compatible data sources, data manipulation tools, drawing and model fitting tools and Floor Flatness workflow.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Heidi Hewett
Eric Richie
1133 - Floor Flatness for Building Construction

The Reality Capture software suite offers many viable solutions for floor flatness which confirm to the ASTM E1155 standard. This class will explore the Floor Flatness tools in Leica Cyclone, Leica CloudWorx and 3DReshaper. In this class, students will gain insight into these valuable tools and how to maximize the software for their own jobs. In addition, students will learn to easily process your reality capture data in different software packages and create deliverables for things like Flatness, Levelness, Plumbness, Surface Inspection, Slope analysis, or comparing your reality capture to a model and quantifying deviation as a distance and/or a volume.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Clair Vander Zwaag
Michael James
1134 - Cyclone Ballistic Rod Deliverables

Leica Cyclone offers a wide variety of point cloud processing tools for the Law Enforcement professional. Once of these tools is modeling trajectory rods and publishing trajectories to the Leica TruView. In this class, students will gain best practices for repeatable forensic workflows and for determining trajectory rods angles. Furthermore, techniques for marking impact location, and displaying trajectory paths in a ModelSpace will be presented.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Chenel Georget
Ken Jones
1135 - Processing Leica UAV with Infinity

UAS continues to be a very hot topic in the market and Leica's AX20 UAS in conjunction with Leica Infinity and its Imaging module provide a seamless end to end solution for collecting and processing aerial imagery for a variety of mapping, visualization, and inspection tasks. This presentation will provide an extensive introduction to the AX20 UAS hardware, the software used to plan and execute its flight missions, and Leica Infinity's Imaging module for orienting and generating downstream products such as point clouds, surfaces models, and orthomosiac images. Furthermore, the topics regards to the Leica Infinity Imaging module is applicable to other UAS platforms as well.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Kriss Myer
1136 - Getting the Most from Leica Captivate's Onboard Apps

Leica Captivate features loadable apps that increase productivity and simplify workflows. This class will cover the details of each app, their uses and capabilities. Students will also learn how to apply these apps to improve field works, apply them to specific examples and best practices.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Richard Ostridge
1201 - Real-Time Situational Awareness with the Luciad Portfolio.

In this session, you will receive an extensive overview of the products in the Luciad portfolio. You will also experience the capabilities that these products offer hands-on, in ready-to-deploy solutions. You will load, visualize and interact with a wide variety of data sources to complete image comparisons, analyze weather in 4D, and create a submarine mission. We will demonstrate how easy it can be to set up a web service for 3D data and create a digital reality in the browser. The sky is the limit! By the end of this session we will show you several examples of what is possible when you go beyond the standard available tools using the SDKs.

540 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required)
1202 - Fight Water Shortage with Illegal Pool Detection Using M.App Enterprise

Access to clean water is a key initiative for every city worldwide. Changes in the climate are forcing many cities to act in smarter ways in order to conserve water. In cities such as Cape Town, construction of private pools is adding to the unnecessary consumption of clean water. In this session you will learn how M.App Enterprise can be used to automatically monitor and identify illegal pools, create meaningful dashboards for the evaluation of data, and build mobile applications that will enable fieldworkers to efficiently mitigate the issue in problem areas.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required)
1203 - Manage Illegal Garbage Dumps by Integrating GeoMedia WebMap, ERDAS IMAGINE, Mobile Alert, and Mobile MapWorks

Learn firsthand how to integrate software products by Hexagon's Geospatial division into one business process to address a real world problem. Use ERDAS IMAGINE geoprocessing/machine learning to automatically detect illegal garbage dumps from satellite imagery. Use GeoMedia WebMap to view suspicious places and visualize the problem at scale. Apply Mobile Alert to engage the local community and receive continuous local input. Use Mobile MapWorks to plan on-site inspections and clean-up efforts. Be empowered to make smart, positive change while mitigating activities that cause damaging long-term effects with Power Portfolio and Smart M.App.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required)
1204 - Mapping Features with Artificial Intelligence in ERDAS IMAGINE

Artificial Intelligence, particularly machine learning and deep learning, is used in the geospatial industry to solve challenging problems. In this class, we will use some of the AI-based operators in Spatial Modeler to perform land cover classification and feature extraction.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required)
1205 - Cloud-Based Image Exploitation with M.App X

Image Exploitation Systems have traditionally required high-end workstations for each Image Analyst, which is costly and difficult to maintain. M.App X changes that! M.App X is a full-featured, cloud-based Image Exploitation System that is run from a browser, simplifying deployment and maintenance. This course will introduce the capabilities of M.App X with hands-on training and walk you through several typical workflows. The introduction includes image discovery and management, navigation, image adjustment, annotation, feature collection, printing, and geoprocessing.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required)
1206 - Spatial Modeling with Vector Feature Data using GeoMedia

The GeoMedia 2018 release provides the ability to generate, execute, and manage spatial models in the GeoMedia environment by using the Spatial Model Editor utility, the Run Spatial Model command, and the Explorer Window. Recent updates to the 2018 release of GeoMedia have added new spatial operators. GeoMedia now delivers a complete set of vector feature spatial operators that are functionally equivalent to the basic query capabilities of GeoMedia. This session will provide an overview of the spatial operators in GeoMedia and how those operators can be used in spatial models to solve complex, vector-based spatial analysis. Training will include the use of ERDAS IMAGINE spatial operators within the GeoMedia environment. We will also present a review of recent customer success stories in spatial modeling and hold an open discussion of the next GeoMedia capabilities for spatial operators.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required)
1207 - Automate Copernicus Data Ingesting and Publishing Using Xalt EdgeFrontier to Orchestrate Provider Suite Products

Learn how Xalt EdgeFrontier can orchestrate Provider Suite products to trigger when events occur and control data flow throughout a larger system. This session assumes prior Provider Suite experience and will largely focus on building an EdgeFrontier system from scratch. Students will learn how to integrate Geospatial components into their system to perform automated workflows. In this lesson, the workflows involve automatically polling Copernicus Data APIs for an area of interest, pulling data locally, triggering a Geoprocessing request, and cataloguing the result into a local ERDAS APOLLO repository.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required)
1301 - Hands-on Training: I/CAD Essentials - Level I

Open to fire, law enforcement, and EMS users, this four-hour, hands-on training course will cover the essential functions of I/Dispatcher, a product within the Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) suite. From log on to sign off, Hexagon product experts will guide you through the basic life cycle of a unit and an event in I/Dispatcher. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this session will enhance your knowledge and understanding of how I/Dispatcher works and show new capabilities added to version 9.4. We will also discuss OnCall Essentials/Viewer/Dashboard for I/CAD? This session is for I/CAD users familiar with I/Dispatcher, I/Calltaker, and Microsoft Windows products.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Frank Moore
1302 - Hands-on Training: I/CAD Essentials - Level II

Dig deeper into I/Dispatcher during the second part of this hands-on I/CAD training course. See what's new and learn how to create and update events and their statuses, perform event, unit, and employee inquiries, and complete map functions, including commands, controls, and views. This session is for I/CAD users familiar with I/Dispatcher, I/Calltaker, and Microsoft Windows products.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Frank Moore
1303 - Hands-on Training: I/CAD System Administration - GUI Modification

Calling all system administrators! Take your knowledge of I/CAD to the next level during this hands-on training course, where you'll learn advanced system administration and configuration tasks from leading Hexagon product experts. During this deep-dive session, discover how to:

  • Modify GUI resources in Visual Studio
  • Make new modifications in monitors through Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Manage GUI files in CADDBM

This session is for experienced I/CAD system administrators and stakeholders familiar with Windows-based applications, administrative tasks, and agency workflows. You should have a working knowledge of I/CAD and I/CAD products, including CADDBM, I/Executive, and I/Dispatcher.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Duncan Kennington
1304 - Hands-on Training: I/CAD System Administration - Deployment & Centralized Administration

Hone your skills as an I/CAD system administrator during this four-hour, hands-on training course. Learn how to deploy and configure your I/CAD system to improve incident response and boost productivity within your agency. During this deep-dive session, you'll learn how to:

  • Install I/CAD silently and automatically
  • Use Group Policy to distribute I/CAD configuration
  • Manage configuration files in CADDBM
  • Distribute map and deployment files

This session is for experienced I/CAD system administrators and other stakeholders familiar with Windows-based applications and administrative tasks. You should have a working knowledge of I/CAD and Microsoft Windows.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Duncan Kennington
1305 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS for System Administrators

Your job is demanding. As you're asked to do more with less, you must also manage your data. Join us for a first-hand look into how you can leverage Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS to make your job easier. Come prepared to discuss your agency's operations for incident and traffic accident reporting, case investigations, evidence and asset management, arrest processes, and more. During this deep-dive session, learn about:

  • Administering, updating, and maintaining Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS software
  • Modules and common workflows
  • Establishing new users
  • Working with alerts, approvals, user interface customization, and approval routing

This session is for system administrators familiar with configuring and performing tasks within Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Brian Evans
1306 - Hands-on Training: Simplify Your Daily Workflows with Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS

Better manage resources and improve public safety in your community during this four-hour, hands-on training workshop with Hexagon product experts. Discover tools within Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS to help streamline your daily routine and enhance officer safety and productivity in the field. During this deep-dive session, learn about:

  • Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS modules
  • Data entry and approvals
  • Linking and evidence submission and management
  • Common workflows
240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Brian Evans
1307 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph InSight Suite - Introduction

First responders need accurate, complete data to make their communities safer places to live, work, and visit. Join top-notch product experts for a four-hour, hands-on training session on Intergraph InSight, Hexagon's new suite of public safety data visualization and analytics software for evidence-based reporting, analysis, and decision-making. Discover how you can leverage these powerful products to assess performance, better allocate resources, and improve operations within your agency.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Chris Klimm
1308 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph InSight Suite - Advanced

Public safety agencies collect massive amounts of data each day. But, without context, that data holds little value. Learn how Hexagon's new Intergraph InSight suite transforms raw, fragmented, incomplete, and inaccurate data into usable reports so you can quickly turn knowledge into action. During this deep-dive session, learn how to: 

  • Share information via the web, on-premise, or in the cloud
  • Set up alerts within your agency
  • Build powerful visualizations
240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Chris Klimm
1309 - Hands-on Training: Mobile Administration & Remote Content Manager

Maintaining a mobile fleet is critical for first responders. In this four-hour, hands-on training course, Hexagon product experts will share the essentials of mobile administration for Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety and explain how to update field units with Remote Content Manager. During this deep-dive session, learn how to:

  • Send information from I/CAD and I/Mobile Data Terminal to Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety
  • Install, configure, and deploy Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety
  • Configure and deploy Remote Content Manager

This session is for Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety administrators familiar with Windows-based operations and mobile data computers.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) John Gaines
1310 - Hands-on Training: Exploring Intergraph Mobile Responder

First responders need secure, timely access to information to make their communities safer and more resilient. In this hands-on training course, see how Intergraph Mobile Responder extends Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) to public safety agencies, providing the information and situational awareness they need to effectively respond to and manage any crisis. During this deep-dive session, learn about:

  • IT management and configuration
  • User interface overview and use

This session is for I/CAD and Intergraph Mobile Responder administrators familiar with Apple, Android, or Windows-based applications.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) John Gaines
1501 - Managing Plant Lifecycle Including Project Execution with HxGN SDx

Across its lifecycle a plant is under constant change; from greenfield to contractor handover to extension projects, maintenance modifications, de-bottlenecking and other activities are changing the AsBuilt state of a facility. Typically handling multiple changes and projects is a challenge and creates potential conflicts. There is often an administrative burden and disconnected information. During this session, you will learn how HxGN SDx solutions provide a common database to allow management of these changes consistently. Learn how to raise and evaluate a change and how the new impact analysis of SDx Operations will help identify the required documentation and data needed for the execution of a change, as well as identifying potential conflicts. Additionally, practice how small changes can be handled with SDx Operations and how larger projects executed with external parties/companies can be handled with SDx Projects. We will show examples of how Capital Facilities Information Handover Specification (CFIHOS) can be used to exchange project data with offline contractors. Compliance comes as standard with SDx. Capabilities that will be covered: data capture using CFIHOS; management of change process; impact analysis; visual intelligence reporting; document lifecycle; submitting revisions of documents; QA review including document mark-up; technical query work process; conflict resolution and project close out; export in CFIHOS format; AsBuilt verification of change.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Rene van Strien
Sascha Antvogel
1502 - Improve Maintenance and Inspection Planning and Execution with the Digital Twin HXGN SDx Operations

Get an overview about the new HxGN SDx release and its connectors to SAP Plant Maintenance and OSI PI. Learn how to improve the efficiency of maintenance and inspection work processes. Get your hands on the latest release of HxGN SDx, learn how to identify open work within the plant using the new visual intelligence reporting for 3D models, and understand how the new impact analysis will indicate if your plant is under change and identify potential conflicts. Prepare SAP work orders, which create connected SDx work packages. Learn how these work packages can describe detailed scope for an SAP work order and how it will be made available offline using the new HxGN SDx Mobile application. Bring your own device (iOS/Android) and get a first sneak preview of the new app. Lastly, get an overview of how HxGN SDx integrates with j5, the newly acquired shift handover and permit to work system at Hexagon PPM. Capabilities that will be covered: SAP integration; work package planning; OSI; data books; impact analysis; mobile app; visual intelligence reporting; j5 integration.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Sascha Antvogel
Nils van Heijnsbergen
1503 - Advanced CADWorx Project Execution

An advanced CADWorx & Analysis implementation provides many opportunities for efficiency gains in any project workflow. Join us in this session as we address the challenges of utilizing your investment in data and models to maximize deliverable automation based on your 3D efforts. Topics covered include:

  • Specs and Libraries
  • Project Setup
  • Intelligent P&IDs
  • Point Cloud Integration
  • 3D Modeling Design
  • Analysis Coordination
  •  Advanced Deliverable Automation
  • Model Review/Visualization
  • Model Driven Management of Change/Revisions
  • Project Publication


BricsCAD; CADWorx P&ID Professional; Leica CloudWorx w/Jetstream; CADWorx Plant Professional; CADWorx Structure; PV Elite; CAESAR II; GT STRUDL; CADWorx Design Review Professional; Isogen

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Chad Snider
1504 - Calculating Natural Frequencies in Piping Systems Using CAESAR II

Engineers are increasily interested in the frequency response of their piping systems as a measure of their "likelihood of failure." In this session, attendees will create a model for dynamic analysis in CAESAR II. This model will be used to point out modeling and analysis decisions necessary for a correct and effective modal analysis.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) David Diehl
1505 - Leveraging Your Data Using the Intergraph Smart Electrical Web API

Smart Electrical Web API opens a world of possibilities for accessing project data, including retrieving and viewing data from multiple projects at a single endpoint and accessing data from a device where Intergraph Smart Electrical is not installed. This session will begin with a discussion of installing and configuring the web API environment including client tools such as Postman and obtaining web client credentials. We will continue with a series of labs where you will learn how to access meta and project specific data using pre-configured queries as well as your own queries. Examples will include accessing the EDM (Entity Data Model), plant metadata, items and their properties in a project, such as motor and cable collections, documents list, user defined fields (UDF), and select lists. You will also learn how to use in your query a variety of functions and methods such as count, order by, filters and more. You will learn how to use the Web API to update item properties as well as Power BI, a data visualization toolset to produce custom reports consumed from the Web API data that allows electrical engineers and stakeholders to see the big picture, make informed decisions, identify significances, and track trends over time to reduce cost and stay on schedule. Other topics include: visualized reports such as total motor count per unit and its manufacturer distribution, or total cable material to order per cable type, list of power cable ready to publish to S3D per unit, cables count already routed in 3D and more.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Yuval Adler
1506 - Transition of PDS Assets to Smart 3D for Efficient As-Built Operations, Maintenance and Brownfield Projects

If you are an owner operator with digital assets in PDS or if you are an EPC maintaining PDS digital assets for owners, this Advanced Training session will walk you through the details of transitioning these PDS assets to Intergraph Smart 3D As-Built for efficient operations and maintenance going forward. You will learn how to convert both your catalog and model data to Smart 3D As-Built. In particular, you will learn how you can convert the PDS catalog and piping specifications to Smart 3D. Also, you will learn to convert PDS, PDMS and Smart 3D model data to Smart 3D As-Built and how Project As-Built workflows can be executed in Smart 3D to maintain this facility going forward.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) RAVI KUMAR PAMMINA
1507 - Civil and Structural Detailing Including Integration with SDS/2

With Intergraph Smart 3D's structural and civil engineering tools and the new SDS/2 Connect for Smart 3D, we will guide you through workflows that allow engineers to make decisions early, reduce workflow & RFIs, improve inter-discipline communication, streamline data to fabrication and ensure constructability fit-up. This will help shorten schedules and reduce costs. The presentation will cover overall integration, latest product improvements, a brief demo of the new functionality and an opportunity to discuss how to incorporate this functionality into your workflow.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Joe Harrison
1508 - Tracking Fabrication and Assembly lines with Smart Materials Mobile Scan

Increasing efficiency and reducing errors leads to better bottom line results. Making your fabrication and assembly line teams focus on what really counts - instead of administration - also increases results on different levels. In this highly interactive training session you will create spools/assemblies; assign barcodes and QR codes to components; receive/issue these components to a fabrication or assembly drawing; set up fabrication and/or assembly stations; and move through all stations until the end product is automatically received. All of this is done by just a few click on a mobile device! For this training you would be required to bring a laptop, mobile phone (IOS or Android) and a pair of walking shoes as this is really an interactive experience.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Johan Kroon
1800 - Nastran 2019: Improved Speed, Improved Accuracy

MSC Nastran 2019.0 is released to position MSC Nastran to tackle the biggest and most difficult problems of tomorrow. Join this training session to learn more about the new meshing capabilities, new rotordynamic technologies, improved output for nonlinear analysis (SOL 400) and our improved output database (HDF5).

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Bhoomi Gadhia
1801 - Additive Manufacturing (Plastics): Optimize Your Print, Not Just Your Parts

Join this training session to learn how to use simulation (i.e. Virtual Manufacturing) to ensure high quality 3D printed parts. Through the virtual manufacturing process users will learn how to simulate the transient dynamics of the printing process, evaluate print orientations and compensate for geometry deformations. The morning session will focus on metal printing, the afternoon will focus on plastic parts.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Dustin Souza
1802 - Simulating Autonomous Vehicle Technology and Driver Assisted Systems

Join VIRES Technology Partners to discover the benefits of using VTD to develop new technology applications in the ADAS and Autonomous space. Learn how you can leverage the VIRES Technology ecosystem to accelerate the development of key ADAS and Autonomy functions in a safe and quick way.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Kevin McNamara
Maxim Likhachev
Jonathan Butzke
Meredith Tripp
Karthik Krishnan
1803 - MSC Apex: Unified CAE Environment for Virtual Product Development

MSC Apex is a CAE specific direct modeling and analysis solution that streamlines CAD clean-up, simplification and analysis workflow. The solution features sophisticated and interactive tools that are easy to use and easy to learn.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) James Pura
1804 - PC-DMIS Tuesday Master Class: ASME Standards Update - Overview of Y14.5 - 2018

An update from ASME on recently published standards impacting industry. An overview of the major changes in ASME Y14.5 – 2018 and Y14.5.1 – 2019. Learn what the new standards from ASME mean to your business. Get your company ahead of the curve and gain firsthand knowledge of the changes in standards that will impact industry and your company.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Fredric Constantino
Robert Jensen
1805 - PC-DMIS Tuesday Master Class: New GD&T Library for PC-DMIS 2020 R1

Learn what the revised standards from ASME mean to your business and how they are managed within PC-DMIS. Experience the new GD&T library for PC-DMIS we developed to comply with current ASME and ISO standards. Understand the math for features, datum features, constraints for datum reference frames and how your metrology results are affected. Practice defining datums, and building feature control frames for Position, Profile and Simultaneous evaluations. Migration of existing programs and new reporting will be discussed in detail.

90 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Fredric Constantino
Robert Jensen
Matt Kopesky
1806 - PC-DMIS Tuesday Master Class: Creation Workshop

Program more efficiently! Learn about new features within PC-DMIS and software tips and tricks to help you reduce your measurement routine creation time. In this training session, you will learn about recent changes to the MSE and QuickScanning, and also get hands-on with the new GD&T Selection and Capture feature that uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to speedily import your GD&T data.

90 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Robert Jensen
1807 - Additive Manufacturing (Metals): Optimize Your Print, Not Just Your Parts

Join this training session to learn how to use simulation (i.e. Virtual Manufacturing) to ensure high quality 3D printed parts. During this session we will primarily be covering the additive manufacturing process simulation for metals. We will be looking at how you can predict the warpage, residual stresses and temperature gradients created as a result of the manufacturing process and, ultimately, understand how those parameters affect the structural response of your parts. The training includes a presentation with industrial use cases, a live demo of the software, and a chance to get hands on with the software by working through a tutorial.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Arjaan Buijk
1808 - Introduction to HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Introducing HxGN SFx | Asset Management. See how Hexagon is helping its customers achieve the digital transformation with solutions for the smart factory. Learn how to use Asset Management to monitor your measurement systems in real time and apply analytics for long-term resource management. 

30 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Scott Mahrle
2000 - It's Time to Place Your Bets

Every company in our industry needs to place its bets on the digital future. A surprising number are only betting on small, incremental change – while others are still backing the status quo. So where is Hexagon placing its big bets? Join Mattias Stenberg, President of Hexagon’s PPM division, as he puts all of his cards on the table to explain the industry-changing wagers he is making and why. At stake is an industrial landscape filled with complexity, risk, tectonic shifts, new competitors and volatility. Hexagon is countering with a portfolio of smart bets that will drive simplicity, safety, efficiency, and increasingly autonomous operations throughout the lifecycle of your industrial ecosystem.

1 Hour Divisional Keynote Mattias Stenberg
2001 - Betting On ACEs

Mega industrial and building construction projects are becoming increasingly complex and competitive. Hexagon’s PPM division is helping customers stack the deck in their favor with a robust portfolio of digital solutions. Join Chuck Gill, VP of Go-to-Market & Field Development at Hexagon’s PPM division, as he demonstrates how autonomous connected ecosystems are taking the complication out of complex projects. See how Hexagon is empowering an autonomous future that leverages and connects data across the project ecosystem, optimizing resources while increasing productivity and safety.

1 Hour Divisional Keynote Chuck Gill
2002 - Doubling Down with Operations and Maintenance

Jaclyn Arnold, Hexagon’s VP of Owner Operator Business for the PPM division, will explore industry trends in Operations and Maintenance and how digitalization fits. You’ll learn the value digitialisation can provide in increasing safety, breaking down communication barriers, and reducing opportunities for human error throughout your O&M ecosystem. Come discover how the cost of business-as-usual continues to rise for those who wait on the sideline and what winning looks like when you double down on Operations and Maintenance.

1 Hour Divisional Keynote Jaclyn Arnold
2003 - The First Fifty: Celebrating the Golden Anniversary of Hexagon PPM

Join us for a celebration honouring “The First Fifty” years of our company! The company that eventually became Hexagon’s PPM division was founded in Huntsville, Alabama, in 1969, by two men who had been involved in creating technology that took man to the moon. We will have celebratory cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as we nod to our fabulous past and anticipate an even brighter future. We will also honour award recipients of our Golden Valve, Platinum Pipe, Drivers of Success and Trailblazers of Digital Operations competitions.

105 Minutes Track Evening Event
2100 - Things Not to Miss in Projects: Track Introduction

We're connecting the dots - in this session we will highlight what will be presented in the Project Execution track and Hexagon's strategy for the future. Over the years we have discussed the importance of integration, a key element of our solution offering, but in addition to integrating our products, we are also focused on connectivity across enterprise solutions and data sources to achieve an even higher business benefit. This connectivity is now referred to as Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE) and is the key driver to make sure we create an environment to enable an improved business outcome. Learn about the numerous customers presenting at HxGN LIVE 2019 about how they have deployed our solutions to gain a competitive edge and their experiences with our solutions. This introductory session will cover all the solutions for this track, including Intergraph Smart ® 3D, Engineering & Schematics, Information Management, Projects Performance and Visualization.

45 Min Overview Session Frank Joop
Joe Harrison
2101 - Linde Engineering's Approach for Integrated Engineering with the Hexagon Tool Landscape

Intergraph Smart 3D is the standard 3D plant-modeling software for Linde Engineering. Until now, more than 200 projects have been successfully executed with Hexagon PPM’s 3D modelling tool, from small to mega-sized plants. Within project execution, a variety of PPM tools are in use with the goal of seamless and consistent integrated engineering covering the complete plant live cycle. During this session, attendees will gain information about the highlights of Linde Engineering’s approach to optimize workflows and digitalize deliverables involving Hexagon PPM tools.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Carsten Stubenrauch
Verena Schmidt
2102 - Electrical Drawings in Intergraph Smart 3D using SmartSketch

This presentation will cover how Kiewit made the switch from Microstation to Smartsketch for Electrical Deliverables. The change will provide Kiewit better quality control and consistency.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Joe Divito
Cynthia Zugelder
2103 - Successful Internal/Client Model Review

Using Intergraph Smart Review as the main tool for Internal/Model Review, we follow the mandatory steps prior to internal and client reviews: leveraging Smart Review FBX export command in creating an animation; using new methodology in capturing tags (before and after views) reviewing; sharing and checking model reviews comments; adding custom property on to .MDB SPR sessions; creating custom color-coded scene or scenes to show visual progress; creating display sets and views pertaining to areas of discussion; creating new. svf that includes only what’s needed for the review; selecting the required Smart Review Modules/License checkout utility; and back-up plans.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Casey Fardoun
2104 - Buying and Installing the Right Bolts/Gaskets/Nuts/Washers

This presentation will cover how Kiewit approached the problem of finding the right materials for the job. Typically on jobs, the bolts/gaskets/nuts/washers are purchased separately and shipped to site in bulk. The process to then get the right materials to install is a challenge. Kiewit implemented a new procedure using Intergraph Smart 3D to create bolt-up packages, so the materials needed for installation can be bagged and sent with the pipe from the fabricator, so it is readily available for installation.

45 Minutes Breakout Session David Guthrie
Brad Costanza
2105 - Web-Based Smart Enterprise Solutions in Integrated Environment at MHIENG // Modularization in Multi-disciplinary Supports Using Smart 3D Smart Assemblies and Automation

This session will focus on MHIENG's recent achievements in web-based Smart Enterprise Solutions (SPF Web Client) in an integrated environment between Intergraph Smart P&ID and Smart 3D. Lessons learned and experiences encountered to adopt to large scale projects will be presented.

Modular construction techniques have been used in the construction industry for many years. With increased pressure on EPCs and owner operators to reduce project schedules, cut costs, and maintain a safer jobsite, their use in both the onshore and offshore oil and gas arenas is becoming more common. While most people involved in the oil and gas trades are well-versed in traditional design and construction practices, modular construction requires learning new processes and new ways of thinking about how projects are executed.

In this session, we will discuss Hilti’s modular solution to address multiple disciplinary (piping, I&E and HVAC) support needs early in digital design phase. We will demonstrate how Hilti’s Smart3D plug-in, available now as Hexagon PPM-maintained content, can simplify the design, specification and modeling of modular systems in Smart 3D.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Hirotatsu Sagawa
Ken Deng
Arif Shahdin
Mitsuhiro Yamazaki
2106 - Intergraph Smart 3D and Smart Materials Implementation Case Study at Tripatra

Tripatra Engineers and Constructors (Tripatra) had been using PDMS as the main 3D system for years. However, projects were becoming more complex and schedules were getting tighter, which required the organization to have data-centric technology and an integrated reuse approach to execute even the largest and most complex projects with centralized visibility and control. Tripatra is now using Smart 3D, whose strong rules- and relationship-based architecture and customized automation capabilities can cater those requirements for large and complex projects. By integrating Smart Materials, the code standardization helps organization maintain data consistency from materials specifications, MTO, engineering requisitions and procurement, up to construction stage for both small and large scale project.In this session, Tripatra will share its current status, future plans and how it sees Smart 3D and Smart Materials integration for current and future projects.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Sigit Nugroho
2107 - Making SRD work for You

The purpose of this presentation is to show users of SRD how to:

1. Making use of the Project Defaults / Privileges

2. Automated Emails

3. How to speed up the process of generating geometric data

4. Keeping the commodity groups to minimum to allow rapid creation of commodity codes

5. Spec Management

6. Multi-Spec printing - 3 major deliverables

7. Use external reporting to leverage the SRD data

8. S3D validation dashboard and S3D Export tracking

9. CMS for non-piping commodity codes

45 Minutes Breakout Session Piers Shaw
2108 - SmartPlant Suite for SGO Project

The Spence Growth Option (SGO) capital project is utilizing Standards along technology (SmartPlant suite) to obtain a consistent design through different EPCs, reusing information, having more visibility in project execution, managing the change between Design, Procurement and Construction, better construction management as many other benefits from this platform. To obtain the maximum benefits of all information (Data & Deliverables) SGO will handover this data centric technical repository in order to control, reuse and maintain the technical design and data across all lifecycle of the plant, managing the change with other operational systems, that use technical data, as Maintenance and Historian Systems.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Paulina Babul
Pamela Villa
Roberto Vegas
2109 - As built Model Updates using Integraph Smart 3D: Key to Turnaround and Operation & Maintenance improvement With the digital transformation and operational excellence framework in place, the usage of 3D model is vital in ensuring efficiency, cost and time optimization for Turnaround, Operation and Maintenance in the Oil & Gas industry. However, the usage of 3D model generally often stops at FEED and not utilized for the asset management phase. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Azmall Jamaluddin
Rizal Rosly
2110 - Bolted Structural Connections at Burns & McDonnell using Intergraph Smart 3D with SDS/2 Connect

Historically, connection design has been a semi-manual process using a combination of spreadsheets, hand calculations and commercial design software. Integrating these processes into a single workflow can be challenging, time consuming, and prone to errors. Burns & McDonnell has been searching for a seamless way to execute structural connection design in Intergraph Smart 3D that will also eliminate interference of piping with gusset plates in steel connections, all while reducing construction schedules. In this session, we will introduce Hexagon's new connection design capabilities in S3D - SDS/2 Connect. This groundbreaking functionality has been developed in partnership with SDS/2, a global market leader in connection design and steel detailing software. Because this technology has been built into S3D, there is no need to move information between solutions, and updates are instantaneous. In addition to automatically designing connections and gusset plates, SDS/2 Connect can optimize connections to reduce bolt numbers and plate welding as well as check for constructability and erectability. This capability results in reduced material and installation costs, shop work, and field corrections, leading to improved quality and efficiency on projects. The session will also highlight how this constructible information can be used downstream for fabrication.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Stuart Broome
Kari Wrampe
2111 - How Intergraph Smart Cloud Helped Fast Track Smart 3D Implementation Current systems were out of date and error ridden. Ausenco Engineering needed a new solution moving forward and chose Hexagon PPM. While most companies take six months to a year to implement new solutions, Ausenco was able to get it done in two months. Next steps are to expand this implementation and look at additional Hexagon PPM toolsets such as CADWorx and BricsCAD. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Stephan Gagnon
Anuj Anand
2112 - Cerrey Uses Intergraph Smart 3D as it Marches toward Industry 4 The world market demands faster projects and more efficient, less-expensive products that comply with the strictest quality standards, in addition to being respectful to the environment. CERREY - a leading boiler manufacturer based in Mexico - faces these challenges using the most advanced tools available in the market, such as Intergraph Smart 3D, and continues its firm step towards Industry 4.0, and consolidating its position as the leading company in its field. CERREY will share its experiences of personalizing, automating and deepening the use of Smart 3D from the manufacturer's perspective. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Guillermo Perez
Miguel David Gomez
Ramón Sepúlveda
2117 - Advanced Modeling and Simulation for Plant, Ship, and Offshore Structural Design and Subsequent Analysis Requirements

Vertically integrated analysis solutions in the design environment are powerful and effective when the actual materials, loads, and geometry are within the scope of design standards and analysis assumptions. In some cases, a more detailed analysis is required to account for nonlinear behaviors, advanced material systems, manufacturing process effects, environmental variability, extreme operating conditions and unique geometries. MSC Software, a part of Hexagon, provides advanced simulation solutions and streamlines the workflows from design environments like Intergraph Smart 3D, CAESAR II, and Bricsys for advanced simulation requirements.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Fred Harvey
2151 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Improvements of Smart 3D model handover for As-Built and Brownfield project execution
In the new Intergraph Smart 3D 2019 release, enhancements were made to improve workflows for the handover of Smart 3D projects, generation of the as-built models from Smart 3D, PDS and PDMS data, as well as brownfield project execution.Learn more and try some of the features for yourself. Topics include: moving and rotating of as-built equipment and piping components, new design interaction with existing objects, creating as-built isometric drawings (with native and as-built objects). These new design workflows were originally introduced in Smart3D 2018 and have been improved and extended in this new release.
45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) RAVI KUMAR PAMMINA
2152 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Productivity Improvements with the New Smart 3D User Experience (Repeat)

Attend this session to try out the new modern look and feel of Intergraph Smart 3D using the Alpha version of our new client. Navigate your complex model efficiently with new controls to maximize screen real estate, reduce mouse clicks and increase your productivity. Place and modify equipment faster and more efficiently with tools that streamlined and focused.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Todd Smith
2153 - (REPEAT) HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Improvements of Smart 3D model handover for As-Built and Brownfield project execution

In the new Intergraph Smart 3D 2019 release, enhancements were made to improve workflows for the handover of Smart 3D projects, generation of the as-built models from Smart 3D, PDS and PDMS data, as well as brownfield project execution.
Learn more and try some of the features for yourself. Topics include: moving and rotating of as-built equipment and piping components, new design interaction with existing objects, creating as-built isometric drawings (with native and as-built objects). These new design workflows were originally introduced in Smart3D 2018 and have been improved and extended in this new release.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) RAVI KUMAR PAMMINA
2154 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Consolidate your PDS and Intergraph Smart 3D Piping Specs and Catalog in Smart Reference Data

Smart Reference Data conveniently manages your enterprise content in a central hub. This session equips you with the information to consolidate your existing PDS and Intergraph Smart 3D piping specifications and catalogs into Smart Reference Data. Learn to convert PDS catalog and specs to Smart 3D Excel format which can then be easily imported into SRD. Come learn how you can consolidate and simplify your catalog management.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Ahmet Akin
2155 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Productivity Improvements with the New Smart 3D User Experience

Attend this session to try out the new modern look and feel of Intergraph Smart 3D using the Alpha version of our new client. Navigate your complex model efficiently with new controls to maximize screen real estate, reduce mouse clicks and increase your productivity. Place and modify equipment faster and more efficiently with tools that streamlined and focused.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Todd Smith
2156 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Detailing Bolted Structural Connections in Intergraph Smart 3D with the newly released SDS/2 Connect for Smart 3D

With Intergraph Smart 3D and Design Data's Steel Detailing System (SDS/2 Connect), we have enabled fully designed structural bolted connections. In accordance to country codes and analytical results, this new functionality provides substantial reduction in project schedule and design costs by allowing early "designed" connections, compressing schedule with detailers, permitting disciplines to model without structural clash, examining installation concerns, reducing model transfers, and estimating assembly connections. The presentation will allow you to meet and correspond with the Design Data and Smart 3D product teams. It will cover overall integration, latest changes to the product, and an opportunity to discuss how workflows can be improved.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Barry Butler
Joe Harrison
2158 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: What's New with Laser Scanning

In this session, you will learn about the latest features for working with laser scan data in Intergraph Smart 3D. Leverage your scans in brownfield projects with features for demolition/suppression of cloud data, modeling on the point cloud, clash detection and generating drawings with point clouds.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Robert Stuchlik
Todd Smith
2199 - Smart Engineering & Design Tool Product Update: 3D

In this closing session, we will look back on the information shared and learned at the conference, and the exciting opportunities ahead in 3D. This session will highlight the latest and upcoming capabilities in Intergraph Smart® 3D, Smart Review, Smart Interop Publisher and Smart Reference Data. Hexagon PPM experts will discuss the business and technical benefits offered in each product. Attendees will get an overview on how to improve their 3D design and visualization workflows to take full advantage of the latest software and upcoming releases. Plus, get a chance to meet the development team and ask questions.

90 Minutes Overview Session Joe Harrison
2201 - The Adventure of Deploying a Fully-integrated Hexagon Engineering and Design Environment

After handpicking and assembling a highly skilled team of Hexagon tool experts, Matt Lawrence led the effort to build a fully integrated engineering and design environment that included SPF, SPPID, SPI, S3D, SPEL, and SRD/SMAT. In this session, Matt will discuss the highs and lows of creating a feature- and function-rich platform to gain significant competitive advantage. The discussion will include organizing goal-focused individuals through collaboration and innovation to produce consistently superior results, creating a solid foundation of standard processes. Join Matt for a candid discussion of the journey from planning through completion of the first project utilization.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Matt Lawrence
2202 - SPI Vendor Interfaces // Integrate Intergraph Smart Electrical with Custom Tools Using Automation

Business problem: Engineering companies work with instrument vendors to build and furnish processing plants. There are countless hours wasted on every project due to the lack of historical data use and system integration between engineering companies and the familiar vendors that they work with on countless projects. We continue to re-invent the wheel on most new projects, even when we have worked with the same client and vendors on similar processing plants in the past. Value proposition: Streamline the flow of engineering data across vendor and engineering contractors systems and tools. Collect historical data and use for informed sizing and selection and even estimating purposes. Mapping interfaces between different systems to reduce/eliminate human error factor.

Next Steps:

  • Working towards global industry standardizations which should lead to safer plants and more adherence to industry safety standards
  • Looking toward API interfaces for mobility solutions


In our office master document is the Equipment List, and electrical groups use that list to get loads. Using Excel as the tool for Equipment List limits our possibility to integrate it with the Intergraph Smart Electrical. In this user case, see how custom Equipment List database is created using visual studio as well as Llama to create a simple user interface that can compare and update data in Smart Electrical based on the Equipment List database.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Emeka Nwagbara
Predrag Vasic
2203 - Extending Smart Instrumentation: Thinking Outside the Box

Projects are being pushed to be more efficient and provide more information than ever before. These factors are pushing EPC companies and main automation contractors to be increasing innovative to enhance Intergraph Smart Instrumentation's internal functions as well develop applications which can interface with it externally. This presentation will touch on some internal and external methods to leverage more from Smart Instrumentation.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Luke Tovey
2204 - Configuring CADWorx Plant to Achieve Consistency in Your Project Deliverables

From specification tweaking to isometrics and orthographic deliverables, CADWorx Plant Professional offers a spectrum of solutions to set up your projects for efficiency. In this session we get into the nuts and bolts of CADWorx administration to achieve the highest possible consistency by maximizing automation.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Chad Snider
2205 - Digitizing Projects with SmartPlant Enterprise

Fluor has launched a corporate-wide initiative named "Unison" to digitize all facets of the engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction activities on projects. SmartPlant Enterprise (SPE) has played an important role in Fluor's data-centric engineering initiative and will be the centerpiece of Unison. The utilization of integrated engineering data from SPE is being extended into estimating, scheduling, accounting and progress management for a more unified method of project management. The elimination of document-centric activities for project planning and relying on historical data along with data driven project execution will allow Fluor to maintain its leadership role in implementing tSPE while leveraging our alliance with Hexagon PPM.

45 Minutes Breakout Session John Dressel
2206 - Streamline Engineering and Project Economics Up Front

Designing a plant is one thing; designing it efficiently from both an engineering perspective AND a capital investment perspective is something else. In this session, you will learn how the joint AspenTech-Hexagon solution can achieve these objectives by optimizing the work process between the basic engineering, cost estimating, intelligent P&IDs and project performance solutions. This data-centric and rules-driven design process will help execute the front-end design efficiently and with high quality, providing clear cost and resource views for the project. When it is time to execute the detailed design phase, the data can be seamlessly moved to that phase of the project, reducing risk on both engineering and budget.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Vikas Dhole
Frank Joop
2207 - Build and Bring Life into your Digital Twin with Model Broker and Smart P&ID/3D

Digital twins are the cornerstone of current digital transformation. They are plant digital replicas that integrate design and measurement data for engineering and operation support. Integrating plant simulated data from process simulation models further increases the Digital Twin capabilities, as they can be used also for production forecasting, system-wide optimization or for obtaining non-measured plant information. Simulation brings life into digital twins, enabling a holistic and powerful industrial application. However, since model development is traditionally carried out manually, implementation of simulation-based digital twins remains laborious. In this session, Model Broker, an innovative solution for automatic simulation model generation will be presented. Model Broker utilizes information from Smart P&ID/3D to automatically generate dynamic simulation models. Model Broker can be used together with Yokogawa Mirror Plant or Semantum Live Virtual Twin for rapidly and efficiently developing the plant simulation-based digital twin, dramatically reducing its implementation effort. Example cases presented in this session will be focused on the oil and gas, chemical and power generation sectors.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Gerardo Santillán
2209 - Data-centrism: A Path to Digital Transformation in Engineering Design Environment It is fundamental to build all necessary prerequisites for an effective digital transformation to take place. Hence, a series of initiatives has been implemented to transition to a higher level of information organization and enhance the engineering design environment. These initiatives were developed focusing on data structuring, information standardization, redundancy reduction, auditing mechanisms and workflow standardization and automation. Having design information described so that a computer system understands it, the work can be performed in a faster, more detailed, error-free and standardized manner. As opposed to a document-centered design (where focus is on form), a data-centric design is one in which focus is on information. This innovation challenges regard not only technology but also concerns culture change. These initiatives have enabled new ways of elaborating engineering design, taking advantage of Intergraph Smart P&ID, Intergraph Smart Instrumentation and Intergraph Smart 3D, raising the bar of quality and productivity to levels beyond our grasp until now. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Filipe Diniz
2210 - Optimizing EcoSys Application Performance Speed and performance of the EcoSys application is of critical importance to customers. It drives user adoption and satisfaction as well as directly contributes to expected efficiency gains. A variety of factors contribute to the performance of an enterprise scale system like EcoSys - hardware, network latency, software configuration and more. This session will discuss the principles, methodologies and tools for measuring and optimizing the EcoSys system to gain the best performance for any client installation. We'll also highlight how to avoid pitfalls. This presentation is relevant for anyone involved with the performance of EcoSys, from IT staff to business analysts to project sponsors who wish to understand the factors that influence outcomes with EcoSys. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Travis Stoner
Ranjit Vadakkan
2211 - The Executive View of Portfolio and Project Performance: Business and Financial Outcomes, KPIs and Predictability This session delves into EcoSys as a strategic tool for executives and how it guides better decision making and improved business outcomes for project-driven organizations. Emphasis will be placed on how to achieve stronger financial returns and identify key performance indicators to measure how an organization is progressing toward these goals. We will also review how greater project predictability becomes a powerful resource for executives to align incentives with desired performance-building behaviors. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Travis Stoner
Graeme Hoey
2212 - Enterprise Project Performance: Getting the Most from Your Investment Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) is a big vision for your organization, holistically addressing the full project lifecycle to maximize returns (for project owners) and margins (for contractors). When adopting EcoSys to support EPP, the entry point is typically project controls. However, EcoSys supports key process areas that make it an ideal fit for a wider swath of solutions. In this session, we review the possibilities to ensure you realize the highest possible value from your investment in EcoSys and EPP. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Graeme Hoey
2213 - A Closer Look at New and Upcoming EcoSys Features Going a step deeper than the overview provided in the kickoff, this session reviews key EcoSys product enhancements released since HxGN LIVE 2018 and upcoming releases. For these features, we'll provide context on how they fit into the overall product, why they matter and to best leverage these new capabilities. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Ranjit Vadakkan
Daniel Love
2214 - Leveraging Data Intelligence to Predict Outcomes

For generations, we have been trained to put data into systems to feed rearward-looking reports that show what happened. By adding EcoSys into the mix, we have added standardized processes and a centralized platform that automates the production of reports, dashboards and many types of workflows, allowing us to produce actionable data. We literally have a database of historical and current project, portfolio and contract data that has so much more to tell us! This session will dive into how FTI's Data Intelligence Group is organizing data by integrating EcoSys and other structured and unstructured data while applying statistical models to develop new insights into the existing data. This arms decision makers with quantitative data, predictive models and easy visualizations and reports to focus on key issues that truly impact outcomes. Come see how EcoSys and Data Intelligence provides new ways to drive project performance if you have ever asked questions like: - Does the duration of a project affect the likelihood of cost overrun? - How likely is a project to hit its Class III Estimate target? - How do RFIs impact productivity? - How likely is each project in a portfolio to hit its forecasted spend (or revenue) for next month? - What is the likely impact to margin for a given Change Order? - What PM / CM combination produces the best project outcomes? Come see how EcoSys and Data Intelligence can provide new ways to drive project performance!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Garrett Fultz
Mark White
2215 - Configuration and Data Migration for EcoSys

The flexibility of EcoSys can mold and tailor the software to fit your organization's specific business processes and reporting needs. At the same time, organizations desire to take advantage of the latest software upgrades and releases. This is possible due to the difference between EcoSys' built-in configurability (rather than software customization). To support this process, Hexagon PPM has developed a robust set of tools included in EcoSys to aid in bringing configurations into new installations. Join us as we review best practices and important tips for successful configuration migrations.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Ranjit Vadakkan
2216 - Facilities Data Management & Digital Transformation

"Most petroleum industry processes are still based on documents. Embracing the digital twin concept, Eni decided to create an integrated data management platform called the Eni Integrated Platform (EIP). Now the company can capitalize on the digital data during the entire lifecycle of each facility, which is the real value for operators. The Eni Life Cycle Information (LCI) management program ensures the availability of all the engineering data during development and construction project phases and subsequent operation and maintenance processes, with the aim of conducting future projects for production optimization, asset integrity and further development. In EniProgetti, Eni's engineering arm, several projects were started in 2018 to enhance the data-centric approach and create the unique EIP to implement "single source of truth" concept. The data-centric approach in every stage of projects is already compulsory for Eni. Every stakeholder (partners, contractors, engineering services suppliers) must be ready to comply. In this session, Eni will share how full integration between engineering, planning, procurement, construction, commissioning and operations provides benefits that are providing highly increased data consistency and significant reduction of time to market "

45 Minutes Breakout Session Arturo Bellezza
2218 - Lean Project Execution: Connecting Engineering Workflows with CAD Designs

With such a rich data set for your projects, why have your high cost stress engineers re-create project models and data in their analysis workflows? Why have engineers passing massive amounts of analysis data on paper? Discover the LEAN efficiencies possible when engineers are brought into an interoperabile workflow.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Geoff Blumber
Aimee Ferguson
Stephanie Corken
2219 - Supercharging Your Pipe Support Design: A Workflow Demonstration between CADWorx, CAESAR II and LICAD

Who doesn’t want to save engineering work-hours on a project? Support design decisions can prove costly on projects, both financially and in schedule. What if you could minimize the amount of engineering and modeling time to streamline your design of engineered supports? This workflow is available today!
Attend this session to learn how to transfer models from CADWorx to CAESAR II to LICAD, which can simplify your workflows and reduce the engineering and remodeling time that project incurs. LICAD has the capability to engineer variable and constant spring hangers and to create pipe support detail drawings with 3D data files for export to CADWorx. Adding this powerful tool to your project can boost capabilities and optimize your work processes.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Perwez Shaikh
Stephanie Corken
Aimee Ferguson
2220 - CAD Manager's Roundtable: "What are Your Largest CAD issues?"

Interactive discussion for users of 2D, 3D, BIM or Mechanical CAD packages about common problems they have today with their CAD systems – cost, infrastructure, technology, interoperability.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Robert Green
2221 - Streamlining EcoSys Upgrades with Automated Testing & Regression There's an element of risk with upgrading enterprise software systems. The organization relies heavily upon the system, which requires confidence in the new version be established prior to rolling it out to the production environment. This holds true with EcoSys as well. With an added element of customer configuration, ensuring a seamless upgrade can be a time-consuming endeavor - sometimes significantly delaying (or even skipping) an upgrade. In this session, we review the automated processes used by Hexagon PPM to test new EcoSys releases, identify methods to incorporate and ways we can work together to accelerate the time to upgrade, thus spending fewer resources on testing and leveraging improved capabilities and performance much sooner. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Ranjit Vadakkan
2251 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Automation with Intergraph Smart P&ID

Learn how to develop your Dot.NET API and customize reports under the new Intergraph Smart P&ID 2019 environment. Hands-on topics cover automated placements to ensure quality design; filtering and importing for efficient data manipulation; topology and navigation to enhance delivery; sample validations against a Smart P&ID 2019 project and more.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Jeff Lin
2252 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Data Modernization and Digitalization with Smart Electrical Project As Built This hands-on workshop focuses on improving EPC and owner operator collaboration in Intergraph Smart Electrical, using Project As Built functionality. Learn about advanced items in concurrent engineering with Project As Built using practical examples, including workflow where EPCs gain access to work on a project; later we merge the project change into O/O As Built. Also to be discussed is workflow in a revamp job off line in a greenfield environment which will be exported and merged into owner operator As Built data and start in operation. 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Yuval Adler
2253 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Visualizing and Editing Data with the new Engineering Data Editor (EDE) and Web Services

This hands-on session educates both EPC and owner operator users of Intergraph Smart Instrumentation, Smart P&ID and Smart Electrical on the new Engineering Data Editor. Learn about the latest items of EDE, including creating layout, filtering, data manipulation and more. Also learn how to access and visualize data through web services and Smart API connector using Power BI to design and generate interactive visualization report.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Yuval Adler
2299 - Smart Engineering & Design Tool Product Update: Schematics

In this closing session, we will look back on the conference and then look forward to what is in store for the schematics in the Smart Engineering tools. There are exciting new developments with the Cloud and Web Services that will change how the solutions are used and deployed, including how Web Services will enable Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE). The major releases of the Schematics products have changed the way users interact with the solutions, as demonstrated by recent releases Smart P&ID 2019 and Smart Instrumentation 2019 - and we will continue down that path in the future. Presenters will share some of the key changes in the solutions and share what is next, including new offerings and how they will benefit you and your business.

90 Minutes Overview Session Frank Joop
2351 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Data flow from design to engineering

Come talk to the experts and try a LEAN engineering project workflow. By leveraging the project model from CAD to analysis, and between analysis departments you can reduce unnecessary duplication of effort in your project execution.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Ravi Ozarker, P.E., P.Eng.
David Diehl
2352 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: CADWorx Structure Assemblies: How do I get up there? Worker access to important plant areas is significant to a 3D modeler. How does the worker access the instrumentation to monitor plant operations? How does an electrician access the third-floor electrical panels for a lockout procedure so that maintenance work can commence? Every facility multiple access methods to maintain a safe working environment for plant operators. Including these in your 3D model is necessary to produce this safe working environment. In this workshop, learn about the options that CADWorx Structure provides with Handrails, Ladders, and Stairs. During this hands-on learning activity, you'll experience how to develop your own company standards into a reusable template that all designers can utilize throughout the project. You'll leave the classroom with a greater appreciation for the intricate details that are necessary in creating these essential plant components. 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Ryan Chiasson
2353 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: CAESAR II - You Ask, We Answer....and MORE!

Sometimes our user community shares the best fresh new ideas and ways to use our product or provides innovative solutions for common issues in the field. In this interactive session, bring us your questions (along with your CAESAR II models/analyses) for review and comment by the group and our CAESAR II experts. We will dive into some interesting issues together. As time permits, we will also share some interesting program tips and tricks that even the most experienced CAESAR II users will find helpful.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Stephanie Corken
David Diehl
2354 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: The AutoCAD to BricsCAD Migration Made Simple

Learn how to move your AutoCAD customization elements to BricsCAD simply so you can keep the familiar workflows you already have today, while setting your team up to leverage the powerful new features in BricsCAD right away.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Robert Green
2356 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Integration and Correlation:  Streamlining Your Mechanical Design Workflow

How often are you given a P&ID on a piece of paper or as a PDF? How often do you provide a 2D drawing to an engineer for analysis? Why are we still using paper deliverables to pass along a design? Many errors are introduced while remodeling during these handover phases, not to mention all of the wasted time. Why don’t these systems talk to each other? The latest version of CADWorx Plant addresses these handover phases to improve the workflow for designers and engineers to save mistakes and money. During this 45 minute workshop, designers will correlate a P&ID with the CADWorx model using PIDVIEW and then pass this model along to CAESAR II for engineering analysis. This classroom activity will demonstrate how useful these tools are at automating many of the mundane remodeling efforts where the human errors are introduced.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Chad Snider
2357 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: BricsCAD BIM Advanced Concepts

BricsCAD BIM offers a modern yet familiar building information modeling (BIM) workflow that differs from all other software on the market. In this session, you'll learn about advanced (parametric) modeling techniques and how to manage complex BIM projects.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Tiemen Strobbe
Chloe Guidi
Jacob De Sutter
2358 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Modeling Their Way - CAD-based Modeling for Structural Engineers Join us for a discussion of the benefits and for a close look at how stress engineers in AEC, manufacturing and industrial sectors can leverage the power of a modern CAD platform in their analysis workflow. 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Ravi Ozarker, P.E., P.Eng.
2359 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: CADWorx - You Ask, We Answer

This is an interactive session driven by your needs. Voice general, or highly targeted inquiries in an open discussion to receive tips and solutions in a forum with Hexagon. Take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity to review setups, models or struggles. Present Isogen, specs, models or even workflows to subject matter experts - nothing is off limits. Bring your questions, and your laptop if you choose, to the CADWorx Experts.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Chad Snider
Ryan Chiasson
2400 - Digitizing Operations and Maintenance - The Ups and Downs

We are keeping the streak alive with yet another Industry Panel focusing on the common digitalization trends within Operations and Maintenance. Join industry experts and Hexagon PPM leaders to hear insights and experience on digitizing within operations and maintenance. The digital shift is not only a shift in technology but also in mindset that brings value but also challenges. This session will set the stage for your entire HxGN LIVE experience and you won't want to miss it!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Bruce Taylor
Mukesh Patel
Scott Miller
Dominic John
Andy Lewis
Jaclyn Arnold
2401 - Beyond the Digital Twin

Canadian Natural's shares its experiences in leveraging the digital twin in day-to-day operations at the Horizon Oil Sands facility in Alberta. Horizon Oil Sands is a 250,000 bbl/day facility located in northern Alberta, Canada. Learn about Canadian Natural's journey using the SmartPlant suite of tools in its engineering and construction phases to its transition as a tool that supports front-line team members in operations. Learn how SmartPlant Review is used to access all relevant engineering information and documents, including the benefits to various operations groups. Canadian Natural's SmartPlant model contains over 28,000 individual models. This presentation also demonstrates the benefit of keeping models up to date, allowing full value of the digital twin to be realized in operations. It will touch upon the company's initial foray into virtual and augmented reality technology.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Al Chan
2403 - How Digitization and Real-time Monitoring Helped Revolutionize the Oil & Gas Industry (Tech Highlight Session)

In 2016 U.S. regulations mandated real-time monitoring for all blowout preventers operating in the Gulf of Mexico. In this presentation, Deepwater Subsea President/CEO Michael Fry will discuss the operational challenges that the oil and gas industry faced following the accident as well as how the incorporation of OSIsoft's PI System and j5 operational management software helped revolutionize an industry's ability to monitor, trend and report on equipment in 10,000 feet of water from thousands of miles away.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Michael Fry
2404 - Reimagining Shutdown, Maintenance & Safety Planning with Spatial Intelligence

A turnaround is a planned, periodic shutdown of one or more processing units (up to the entire plant) for scheduled maintenance, inspection, and repair of equipment and to replace process materials and equipment that have worn out or broken. Turnarounds ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations. Spatial & time-based visual analysis can play a significant role in maintenance planning, inspection, and safety. Unlike building an actual prototype, it allows us to not only predict what will happen but also why it will happen. Scenarios can be readily projected and tested with multiple complex and interdependent factors. Enter AiSpanner, the next-gen easy-to-use Turnaround, Shutdown Maintenance, and Safety Planning application. AiSpanner is an interactive, multidimensional solution using LuciadLightspeed for advanced visualisation, analytics, and spatial and augmented intelligence. Attend this session to learn how AiSpanner illuminates visual data relationships and offers spatial intelligence that help with planning tasks, preserving safety, deploying cranes, performing inspections, and assembling scaffolding. The aim is to manage and optimise physical space, mitigate conflicts, and reduce the risk of damaging malfunctions. Finally, you will discover how AiSpanner improves efficiency, quality, and accuracy while lowering risk of health, safety, and environmental incidents by increasing performance in maintenance, refurbishment, and decommissioning.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Mukesh Patel
2405 - How Do Drivers Learn to Drive Shift Excellence? (Tech Highlight Session)

If j5 is the vehicle and our manufacturing clients are the drivers, should a j5 operations management project deployment experience be like a traditional high school driver's education training course or more like a performance driving academy? After setting the stage for what driving shift excellence means with j5, we'll use recent client deployment examples to show how to:

  • Set the Course: What issue does the client expect to solve with a j5 deployment? Are the expected outcomes task oriented or outcome oriented?
  • Set the Pace: Who are the players and what is their level of competence to transition from current to desired procedures? Can they adapt to completing tasks to meet compliance requirements while learning to act on the data available?
  • Run the Race: j5 facilitates moving the information needed to make decisions closer to the action. And, with some advanced skills development, situational learning, and the potential for a proactive mindset more issues can be solved in real time.

Attendees will see a demonstration of the value proposition for use of j5 applications with client-based examples; how to set the stage with employees for a successful deployment; and insights on how to drastically reduce the learning curve and time to full adoption.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Scott Miller
2406 - Realizing the Connected Worker

Hexagon PPM's Connected Worker strategy focuses on empowering technicians and operators in the field by providing them with real-time access to the right information, at the right time, driving productivity and safety. Field technicians are often stranded on a deserted island with little to no access to the data they need or the ability to collaborate with the systems or colleagues. Hear from our customers how the Xalt mobile framework has enabled their organizations to reimagine their field operations by adopting a connected worker mobility strategy.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Chris Shields
John Hugg
2407 - Dashboard-driven Brownfield Digital Transformation

Tools for the next phase of brownfield digital transformation (BDT) exist today and can be harnessed with the right strategy and execution team. We propose management dashboards (DB) at various functional and operational levels, continuously updated by a centralized database linked to all third-party software tools and digitized documents. Hence, DB-driven BDT.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Chris Tagoe
Harry Lee
2409 - SOCAR STAR Refinery: A New Plant Reborn by Data-centric Digital Twin Transformation

The MBC is made up of members of KBR (, SEG (, DDTS (, and CTCI ( This Team will be supported by a consulting team specialized in Manufacturing, HESQ, and other relevant functions. PPM’s SDx Suite of tools will be the basis of the software design.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Cagri Kundak
Ercan Ersay
2410 - Digital Transformation in O&G Operations

Digital transformation is not about just digitalizing existing processes; it is also a way to take advantage of technology to improve efficiency in a company.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Andrés Szlufik
2412 - Digital Assets – Accuracy with Data Leads to Accuracy in Operations

In this session learn how Gazprom Neft has developed terms and regulations for managing engineering data, in addition to requirements for subcontractors and how internal departments use and make changes in data. It became apparent that when working on a large capital project, the as-is asset is the key to success, and the company has realized the need to have all teams access the same asset. Gazprom Neft will share the success they’ve seen in three pilot projects that have led to the replication of this approach on all units of their refineries and created a key initiative for their digitalization program through 2024.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Roman Komarov
2413 - CFIHOS Special Interest Group

Join Hexagon PPM's CFIHOS experts for a round-table discussion to cover how Hexagon PPM is assisting your CFIHOS implementation with our solutions.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Martin Hawkins
Alan (Mac) McGarrigle
Andy Mitchell
2414 - Get the full Operational Picture with Real-Time Situational Awareness

The amount of data generated by complex operating plants today is overwhelming, and frequently, wasted. Data is often buried in disparate, siloed systems. Learn how you can fuse data from different sources to create operational dashboards for real-time situational awareness. Jaclyn Arnold and Bruce Chaplin will present a few of the endless possibilities that lead to better performance from insightful decision-making across all elements of business.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Bruce Chaplin
Jaclyn Arnold
2451 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Sneak peek at our next generation Integration for design tools and information management Changing the way information flows around the enterprise using status, exchanging at object level including metadata and graphics. This is your opportunity to see how the new architecture will provide early visibility and added value. Leveraging HxGN Xalt service bus architecture, allowing easy plug-in of 3rd party applications. Controlling change and using workflow to manage changes within the design tools as part of the change process.  45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Martin Hawkins
2452 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Introducing "extensibility" new mechanism in SPF/SDx for Interoperability and to replace customization

As the expectations are raised for increased integration between solutions, we will show you how you can use our new extensibiity to embed solutions. Providing a seamless user experience.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Kai-Uwe Cohrt
Andy Mitchell
2453 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Working with j5 Shift Handover (Tech Highlight Session)

The Operations Shift Handover happens at a minimum twice a day as the entire work force at the facility is replaced and there is need to facilitate continuity of operations for safety and production. This 45-minute session will provide the user with hands-on experience in the execution of a sample Shift Handover long with access to the other common j5 applications; Operations Logbook, Standing Orders, Work Instructions. The attendee will also cover modification of the Shift Handover IndustraForm in the spreadsheet-like configuration environment, IndustraForm Designer.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Jon Running
2454 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Sneak peek at our next generation Integration for design tools and information management (repeat)

Changing the way information flows around the enterprise using status, exchanging at object level including metadata and graphics. This is your opportunity to see how the new architecture will provide early visibility and added value. Leveraging HxGN Xalt service bus architecture, allowing easy plug-in of 3rd party applications. Controlling change and using workflow to manage changes within the design tools as part of the change process. 

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Martin Hawkins
2455 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: What's new in Information Management 2019 Understand the benefits of a consolidated Information management offerring, version incompatibility becomes a thing of the past. You will get hands on exposure to great new capability, including integrated data validation. Explore the usability enhancements, provide feedback on upcoming improvements. Be the first to review the first mobile application and visualize specific information on the 3D model. Provide input into the roadmap and comment on specific areas. 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Kai-Uwe Cohrt
2456 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Working with j5 Mobile IndustraForm (Tech Highlight Session)

Many of the tasks managed in a production facility are completed by workers who are in the field, without a standard computer and often outside of the wireless network. This session will provide users with hands-on management and execution of scheduled operator tasks, such as Inspection Rounds, often referred to as Routine Duties. Attendees will also work with the IndustraForm Designer to modify existing or configure a new set of tasks in this spreadsheet-like configuration environment.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Jon Running
2457 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Introducing "extensibility" new mechanism in SPF/SDx for Interoperability and to replace customization. As the expectations are raised for increased integration between solutions, we will show you how you can use our new extensibiity to embed solutions. Providing a seamless user experience. 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Andy Mitchell
Kai-Uwe Cohrt
2458 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: What's new in Information Management 2019 (repeat) "Understand the benefits of a consolidated Information management offerring, version incompatibility becomes a thing of the past. You will get hands on exposure to great new capability, including integrated data validation. Explore the usability enhancements, provide feedback on upcoming improvements. Be the first to review the first mobile application and visualize specific information on the 3D model. Provide input into the roadmap and comment on specific areas." 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Kai-Uwe Cohrt
2459 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Bridging the Information Gap to Establish your Digital Twin

Accessing critical plant information can be challenging. Build a bigger picture by harnessing digital data using HxGN SDx Operations! Learn how SDx Operations helps ease access to engineering Information to support plant floor activities such as maintenance, repairs, inspection and isolation. In this session, you will learn how to easily utilize existing 3D models by simply loading them to HxGN SDx with its data capture capabilities. Then learn how that information can be leveraged by simply navigating through your digital twin and running visual intelligence reports to gain awareness into what is happening in the plant.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Sascha Antvogel
Kai-Uwe Cohrt
2498 - Information Management Wrap-up The closing session of the conference will look back on the week's activities including the IM, Construction, Commissioning combined TUF and also take a look forward at what is in store for our Information Management (IM) solutions. Attendees can meet product owners, support and development managers to ask their questions about Information Management capabilities and roadmaps. Participants will also learn about the latest releases and news about ongoing developments in these areas. 105 Minutes Breakout Session Scott Oskins
Andy Mitchell
2499 - How Hexagon PPM is Doubling Down in O&M Close out the O&M track with a bang! You've spent the week learning about what your O&M peers are doing and what's happening in your industry, but what is Hexagon PPM planning for O&M solutions? Join Jaclyn Arnold, VP for Owner Operator solutions, to learn more on the O&M "5 in 5" plan, leveraging our 50 year history in engineering and design to propel your operations and maintenance into the future. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Jaclyn Arnold
2500 - What Not to Miss in Construction and Fabrication - Track Introduction Get the most out of your conference experience! This session introduces our technology solutions featured in the Zone and in the sessions throughout the conference week. In the Zone learn about groundbreaking technology including our Confident Startup methodology and our solution for Digital Fabrication. During the week attend sessions on a variety of topics: front-end completions planning, advanced work packaging, how EPCs can benefit from leveraging the digital data created for fabrication and construction, digital awareness, and simultaneous operations. Attendees are encouraged to join this kick-off session to maximize the key takeaways while at HxGN LIVE. 45 Min Overview Session Chuck Gill
Marcel Veldhuizen
2501 - How to Control, Monitor and Integrate Project Information

Wood will share its experience on the most innovative mining project in Chile as integrator contractor (IC) of Hexagon PPM’s engineering, procurement and construction solutions. The presentation will show how this software controls, monitors and integrates project information between multiple vertical work packages (5 EPCs) to gain visibility over the project, including materials list, requisitions, purchase orders, work packaging and others. This facilitates compliance with the minimum standards required by the client, ensuring the quality of deliverables, integrity and data consistency.
During this session, Wood PLC will present the beginnings of the project (initial definitions), current status, next steps and recommendations.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Viviana Letelier
Astrid Castillo
2502 - Simultaneous Operations - An Integrated Approach

Market and business pressure are challenging end users to innovate standards and best practices to optimize and integrate workflow without compromising safety while improving schedule. Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) - when implemented as an integrated effort combining subject matter experts, intellectual property and mature work-flow processes -delivers on both. Join us while we share thought leadership around the fundamentals of SIMOPS.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Rick Dmytryshyn
Tony Manning
2503 - End-to-End Visibility: The Dawn of Digital Awareness

Digital awareness is the ability to identify, process and comprehend information gathered with technologies such as BLE and UWB in the workplace. Simply put, it's knowing what is going on in the dynamic work place or environment around you. The most effective aspect of digital awareness involves gathering key information which increases the ability to actively anticipate events and actions around you. Once you have been able to gather, identify and comprehend the elements, digital awareness allows you to think ahead and determine how it will affect future actions and events in the environment.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Patrick McGowan
2504 - Intergraph Smart Construction: Integrated System for Control of Progress in Construction 

Focused on a “crusher station & material handling,” this presentation will include project execution phase with the use of SmartPlant Suite, with a special detail in the use of Intergraph Smart Construction. We will present a general vision from the design tools with an integrated environment, Smart Materials and a detailed view of how we applied the Smart Construction as a control of construction to backup of payment from our client. Following we will show you how we set it up in an agreement with our costumer and how we use Smart Construction to generate visualization and reports of construction progress.


45 Minutes Breakout Session Marcelo Vasquez
2505 - An Advance Work Packaging Case Study with Smart Construction and Materials Insight-AWP of Houston used Intergraph Smart Construction and Materials on the cloud to address construction productivity and material management. The project recorded outstanding results in cost, schedule, safety and digital data management, with live reports available to the project team from their phones. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Geoff Ryan
2506 - A small step toward digital fabrication

In this session, CUEL Limited representatives will discuss challenges faced during yard operations and the need for integrated digital solutions. Learn how fabrication yards can benefit from digital transformation and how to improve yard operations and productivity.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Witawat Wattanapanom
Ajjima Wattanapanom
2507 - The Implementation of Smart Materials at Linde Engineering Linde chose Intergraph Smart Materials for its various possibilities to the influence material takeoff (MTO) process during proposal, basic and detail engineering. The generated bill of materials (BOM) is input for construction cost calculation and procurement process. Linde will present the current status, future plans and implementation examples in actual projects. Speaker and attendees will discuss Smart Materials as an interface between Hexagon E&I engineering tools (SPI, SPEL, S3D) and the SAP Enterprise-Resource-Planning (ERP) system. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Ulrich Preunkert
2508 - Intergraph Smart Completions Integrations with Visualization Platforms for Efficient, Safe Field Execution

The power of visualizing progress, outstanding scope and energized equipment/areas is critical as the projects industry enhances focus on modularized fabrication in low-cost region fabrication yards. Intergraph Smart Completions provides the mobile platform to execute, record and report the status of individual components/subsystems/systems/areas with the ability to visualize this in 2D/3D platforms and enable clear communication of energized scope to overcome communication challenges in geographical regions with different languages. This presentation focuses on the philosophy to integrate Smart Completions with 2D/3D platforms to visualize real-time status as a site progressively transitions from an un-energized state to a live module/facility.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Stuart Sandiford
2509 - How EPC’s can help the Fabrication process

Fabrication is an important and often overlooked step in the complete process. With better use of the available digital information, this step can influence both the engineering as well as the construction processes. In this session, you will learn how EPC’s can help fabricators by delivering digital information, thus reducing mistakes, improving quality and reducing cost for all concerned.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Marcel Veldhuizen
2510 - Smart Completions for Chiyoda’s Integrated Construction & Completion Management

Chiyoda selected Smart Completions and jointly enhanced the functionality with Hexagon as the tool for Integrated Construction and Completion Management.  This is to manage construction and commissioning inspection test records (ITR), preservation, punch clearance, carry-over work and miscellaneous records and reports, from the start of construction works until completion works and handover to client. A digital technology for paperless transaction which is integrated to Chiyoda’s Advance Work Packaging.

In this session, Chiyoda will present its current status and future plans for a better integration of Smart Completions to Chiyoda’s future projects. 

45 Minutes Breakout Session Jamaica Lorna Bagay
2511 - Digital Progress Measurement

Successfully executing projects hinges on many variables. The fundamental question to be answered before any proactive or prescriptive measures can be implemented is this: Where are we today? Deceiving in its simplicity, this question often proves difficult to answer accurately. Driven by digital transformation initiatives, progress data today can be reported more quickly and precisely than ever before. In this session, we'll discuss trends and technology that are improving progress measurement, a vital input for determining project productivity and forecasts. Topics will include: - Balancing standards and flexibility in progress measurement - Measures for a data-centric approach to objective progress measurement - Eliminating data siloes through system integration - Achieving automated progress measurement, earned value analysis and forecasting The presentation will discuss the EcoSys Enterprise Projects Performance platform and its connection to procurement, design, construction and document management software such as Intergraph Smart Enterprise solutions and HxGN SDx Projects.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Travis Stoner
2512 - C&I Engineering: EcoSys Resource Management Case Study at C&I Engineering Consulting engineering firm C&I implemented the EcoSys solution to replace several legacy systems. Despite cultural and technical challenges, the new software accomplished the goal. EcoSys has provided greater support, been more flexible to use and has allowed C&I to migrate multiple independent systems into a single integrated product. This result gave C&I the confidence to leverage EcoSys and migrate other in-house systems into the product. These aging systems were integral to C&I's project management philosophy of predictability, and once implemented fully, C&I could see gaps in its system within the user base. During this session, C&I will discuss its project management philosophy/procedures and discuss how EcoSys has improved its predictably. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Cliff Speedy
2551 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: The Latest Features of Business Intelligence BIR The need for the right information at the right time has always played a major role within projects. This workshop will demonstrate the latest developments of the Intergraph Smart Materials Business Intelligence Reporting (BIR). Attendees will also learn how to use customized reports in the BIRs included in Smart Materials. 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Ahmet Akin
2552 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: The New User Interface of Procurement This workshop will demonstrate the latest developments within Intergraph Smart Materials, with a focus on procurement. We will show you how the new user interface will increase efficiency when dealing with Agreements, Expediting and Traffic. Gain a hands-on experience of how a different way of looking at the tools and processes can make your work more efficient. 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Johan Kroon
2553 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Isometrics Reporting using Power BI A hands-on session demonstrating the use of Power BI for reporting from Spoolgen and Isometrics. During this session, you will create a project valve list report using Power BI and the new isometrics 2019 database 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) David Whittle
2554 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Supplier Collaboration Using Smart Materials Portal

This workshop will show you how to work with the Smart Materials Portal, including the required set-up, registration and qualification through approval of your suppliers (both materials and services). Learn how to issue their Request for Quotations through the portal and receive pricing, documents and other information directly via the portal into Smart Materials. With this new portal, suppliers and service providers can easily collaborate, reduce duplicated work and increase quality.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Ahmet Akin
2556 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Better Productivity by Using Latest Features of Smart Materials Mobile Scan This workshop puts a focus on how Intergraph Smart Materials Mobile Scan can further improve efficiency and have a positive impact on locating, shipping, fabrication and receiving. New features include ident-based barcodes. 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Johan Kroon
2559 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Simplifying Construction using new Rules of Credit

In this session Smart Construction users will get a preview of the new and improved Rules of Credit that will be replacing the existing Rules of Progress (ROP) and Worksteps functionality that will be in the upcoming Smart Construction 2020 release. Users will experience the new load file template that is simpler and better aligns with industry norms as well as the new user interface.  New features related to this such as import/export of progress data via .xls/.csv will also be reviewed and highlighted that demonstrate how much more flexible and user-friendly this re-designed functionality is.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Scott Oskins
2561 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Introduction to Intergraph Smart Completions

Intergraph Smart Completions provides a single platform to manage all aspects of construction and commissioning projects for efficient planning and execution. This hands-on training will provide a comprehensive overview of the core functionalities of the Smart Completions software and the efficiencies created in planning, execution and information control throughout a project.The Smart Completions mobile application, which is designed to simplify daily tasks and planning with or without Wi-Fi connectivity for field personnel, is included in this introductory course. Smart Completions mobile app training covers punch listing, equipment information collection, reference to project drawings (e.g. P&IDs) and execution of paperless tasks in the field from any iOS or Windows tablet.Participants will engage in hands-on training and receive guidance and insider tips from product experts.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Ryan Thompson
2562 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Simplifying Construction using new Rules of Credit (Repeat)

In this session Smart Construction users will get a preview of the new and improved Rules of Credit that will be replacing the existing Rules of Progress (ROP) and Worksteps functionality that will be in the upcoming Smart Construction 2020 release. Users will experience the new load file template that is simpler and better aligns with industry norms as well as the new user interface. New features related to this such as import/export of progress data via .xls/.csv will also be reviewed and highlighted that demonstrate how much more flexible and user-friendly this re-designed functionality is.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Scott Oskins
2599 - Construction & Fabrication Track Closing and Product Update The closing session of the conference will look back on the week's activities and also take a look forward to what is in store with the Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction solution suite from Hexagon PPM. PPM Experts chairs will summarize their TUF meetings and share the development news for the PFC products. Learn more about: - The latest releases of Smart Spoolgen, Smart Isometrics and Smart Products - The upcoming release of the new UX of Smart Materials - New features to come in Smart Construction and Smart Completions 105 Minutes Breakout Session Guido Hufer
Marcel Veldhuizen
David Whittle
gregory adcock
2600 - Add Value to Your Existing Facility: Engineering a Solution for Efficiency at Leica Geosystems and Hexagon PPM

Leica Geosystems and Hexagon PPM offer a myriad of solutions designed to streamline the use of reality capture point cloud data in facilities design, operation, and management solutions. This session will focus on three key integrated Hexagon solutions: SDX and TruView SMART Build and TruView and CloudWorx for BricsCAD. Join executives and product managers from Leica Geosystems and Hexagon PPM to learn more about how they are working together to improve the facilities design and management experience.

45 Minutes Breakout Session
2601 - Smart APIs: The Backbone for Delivering Business Value Across the Plant/Project Lifecycle During this session, see where Hexagon PPM solutions are using PPM Smart APIs, which are RESTful Web APIs that follow oDATA standard with extensions required for the engineering world. These Web APIs are part of many PPM products and solutions today and will serve as the modern approach for building the connected enterprise across the facility lifecycle.  See delivered solutions, practical examples and solutions under R&D to see what you can buy, what you can configure and exploit, and what's in store for the future. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Thomas Szoka
Frank Joop
2602 - BricsCAD: Innovative CAD Tools That Won't Break the Bank (Tech Highlight Session)

Hexagon PPM chose BricsCAD for its advanced desktop CAD platform to offer customers a smart alternative to AutoCAD. Users can be familiar in an hour and productive in just one day. Re-use existing customizations to bring a familiar CAD workflow to your desktop in record time. Come and see how BricsCAD delivers innovative CAD, mechanical design and Building Information Modeling in one product, at a price your CFO will love.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Don Strimbu
2603 - Digital transformation in plant operations enabled by the integrated digital twin

Learn how HxGN SDx connectors enable integration into SAP PM, j5 and OSI soft PI in an integrated work process. In this session, we will show how integrated asset lifecycle information management makes the daily lives of operational and maintenance personal simpler and their work more effective.
Dominic John (VP marketing/COO at OSIsoft) and Nils van Heijnsbergen (director of integrated solutions at Hexagon PPM) will discuss the newly released integration solution between HxGN SDx and OSIsoft, the world market leader in operational intelligence systems. Discover how this integration suggests a new way of user interaction between disciplines like production and maintenance and how a modern integration can provide new and effective processes to organizations.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Dominic John
Nils van Heijnsbergen
2701 - Complementing the Smart Solution with Our Partners - Projects

Partners are a very important part of our business, providing products and/or services that complement our solutions that can help meet your specific business need. Join us in the Projects partner session to hear about them and the value they deliver – then make sure to visit them in the Zone!

Featured Partners:
• OptiPlant Inc
• Aspen Technology, Inc
• VendorPanel
• SDS/2
• Hilti Corporation
• Amazon Web Services

45 Minutes Breakout Session
2702 - Complementing the Smart Solution with Our Partners – CADWorx

Partners are a very important part of our business, providing products and/or services that complement our solutions that can help meet your specific business need. Join us in the CADWorx partner session to hear about them and the value they deliver – then make sure to visit them in the Zone!

Featured Partner:
• ENGWorks, Inc

45 Minutes Breakout Session
2704 - Complementing the Smart Solution with Our Partners - Operations

Partners are a very important part of our business, providing products and/or services that complement our solutions that can help meet your specific business need. Join us in the Operations partner session to hear about them and the value they deliver – then make sure to visit them in the Zone!

Featured Partners:
• gNext Labs, LLC
• PDFTron Systems Inc.
• InSource Solutions
• MDE Network
• Rider International BV
• SimGenics
• Brownfield Solutions Ltd.
• TecSurge

45 Minutes Breakout Session
2705 - Complementing the Smart Solution with Our Partners - Construction & Fabrication

Partners are a very important part of our business, providing products and/or services that complement our solutions that can help meet your specific business need. Join us in the Construction & Fabrication partner session to hear about them and the value they deliver – then make sure to visit them in the Zone!

Featured Partner:
• BlueCats
• AMC Bridge
• FTI Consulting

45 Minutes Breakout Session
2800 - Hexagon Solutions for Design and Construction: Building & Infrastructure Track Introduction (Tech Highlight Session)

Join us in our Building and Infrastructure kick-off session to discover the future of the AEC discipline from Hexagon. We’ll introduce you to BricsCAD BIM, our alternative, full 3D Building Information Modeling platform, and deliver an overview of our HxGN SMART Build family for construction management

45 Minutes Breakout Session Don Strimbu
Cathi Hayes
2801 - Sinclair Oil's Digital Transformation Journey - A Case Study

Come learn about the challenges and successes of a plant owner as they defined, developed and now maintain an asset framework. 

45 Minutes Breakout Session Austin Hoffman
Bruce Taylor
2802 - Design and Drafting Excellence with BricsCAD (Tech Highlight Session)

An interactive session, discussing the concept of "Design Excellence". We'll explain how we see BricsCAD as the core of an all-in-one, .dwg-based solution for general design, BIM and MCAD.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Don Strimbu
2803 - CADWorx 2019: Problems Identified, Solutions Provided

Plant and structure designers constantly face new problems in their daily workflows. Q: How do I provide consistent formatted bill of materials as a project deliverable when there are 20 different designers working on the same project? A: Create a Bill of Material Template. Q: I have designed space around a pump to account for the maintenance I know it will require but how do I communicate to other disciplines to stay out of this space? A: Soft Clash Volume reservation. Q: What about a project-wide material or cross section change? This would take hours to go through a large model and manually make changes to each and every affected object. A: With CADWorx Structure 2019, this change can be done in seconds using databases. Each of these problems (and many more) were considered when developing the latest version of CADWorx. During this presentation, we’ll walk through some of the more common problems and demonstrate the solutions that have been developed to help designers be more consistent and accurate.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Aimee Ferguson
Robert Green
2804 - An Integrated Vessel Manufacturing Process

Join us for a discussion of design and detailing efficiencies in vessel manufacturing, bringing LEAN work practices to the front office of fabrication and manufacturing companies.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Jacob De Sutter
Don Strimbu
Geoff Blumber
2805 - Duke Energy: EcoSys as the Foundation of an Integrated Project Execution Platform Duke Energy had the need to migrate from diverse work methods to a consistent, integrated solution to make faster, more educated decisions. A project was created to develop a best-in-class solution with EcoSys at the core for cost management and business workflows. This session will highlight the strengths of a highly integrated solution and how Duke Energy addressed the challenges of integrating multiple tools to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. The presentation will also explore using EcoSys from project ideation through project closeout. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Ron Wages
Hannah Castor
2806 - Envision Construction Transformation with HxGN SMART Build Seen in action in PPM's keynote "Betting on Aces," HxGN SMART Build offers unprecedented visibility into the planning and execution phases of building projects to help improve profit margins and deliver projects on-time and on-budget. SMART Build enables contractors with: - Pre-construction planning: Adopt innovative BIM-based planning and progress measurement methodologies to increase productivity and visibility. Construction execution lets customers utilize BIM-based planning in the field; review assignments and placements; inspect and track progress; avoid rework and cost overruns - Corrective action with real-time visibility: Customers can analyze instantly, review by exceptions and resolve small problems before they become significant schedule delays Hexagon's design and construction solutions offer new connected ways of planning and executing construction projects that hold the promise of providing optimized design processes, state-of-the-art BIM-based construction planning and real-time insight into project status against what was planned so course corrections can be made earlier to help keep projects on budget and schedule for more predictable project outcomes. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Cathi Hayes
2807 - Burns & McDonnell: Integrated Project Lifecycle with EcoSys as a Pillar Discover Burns & McDonnell's approach to a fully-integrated project life cycle and it utilizes pillar technologies to create a single source of truth for data utilized in multiple systems. EcoSys is one of three pillar technologies utilized to accomplish this goal. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Patty Sullivan
2808 - Inter Pipeline Increases Shareholder Value with More Timely Cost Reporting Information with EcoSys Inter Pipeline had outgrown its Excel-based cost control reporting tool and required a best-in-class industry standard system that could integrate data between all lines of business. Inter Pipeline looked to EcoSys to streamline project controls, enable consistent project delivery and report over a diverse range of projects. In this session, Inter Pipeline will share how it is extracting value with ease in its collaborative efforts and by providing transparency across the organization. EcoSys also has the capability to support Inter Pipeline's standard cost break down structure, which provides the ability to compare cost codes over various projects. Inter Pipeline has configured EcoSys to fit its business needs, which has recouped the costs of implementation and enforced consistent project delivery across the organization. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Randy Mosher
Corey McKinney
2810 - Consistent LOD Improvement with BricsCAD® BIM

BricsCAD BIM leverages machine intelligence to increase the level of development of BIM models consistently. See a presentation of our unique BIM workflow that starts in 3D and stays in 3D. You'll also get to speak with the product managers for BricsCAD BIM.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Tiemen Strobbe
Chloe Guidi
Jacob De Sutter
2851 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: BricsCAD BIM Basic Concepts

BricsCAD BIM offers a modern yet familiar building information modeling (BIM) workflow that differs from all other software on the market. Learn the basics in this hands-on, 45-minute session. See how to create a small building layout using direct modeling, components and compositions.

45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Robert Green
Chloe Guidi
Jacob De Sutter
Tiemen Strobbe
2852 - HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: BricsCAD for Autodesk users Sit with the experts to learn how easily you can be productive with BricsCAD. Try BricsCAD Platinum, BIM and Mechanical, and explore their 2D, 3D, AI and advanced modeling capabilities - all within a familiar CAD interface. 45 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Robert Green
2899 - Building & Infrastructure Track Wrap-Up

The closing session of the conference will look back on the week's activities including TUFs, workshops and sessions, as well as take a look forward at what is in store for our Building & Infrastructure (AEC) solutions. Attendees can meet product owners, support and development managers to ask their questions about capabilities and roadmaps. Participants will also learn about the latest releases and news about ongoing developments in these areas.

105 Minutes Breakout Session Don Strimbu
2900 - Enterprise Project Performance Kickoff Join the EcoSys product team for our annual program kick-off. We'll provide the Enterprise Project Performance year-in-review, discuss upcoming trends and advancements in related technology and showcase the roadmap for the EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance software platform. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Mark White
Daniel Love
3000 - The Power of Connections

Why do sites, cities or nations need to be smart? It’s because they are complex interconnected ecosystems, dependent on many inputs. Making decisions in these environments demands more than simple communication between data, systems, and people. It requires connections. In his keynote, Hexagon’s Geospatial division President Mladen Stojic will demonstrate how the power of connections and integrating the geospatial and operational worlds can trigger life-changing chain reactions – from improving the lives of citizens to increasing national security to laying the foundation for an autonomous future.

1 Hour Divisional Keynote Mladen Stojic
3102 - Can Machine Learning Help the Dutch Build a Self-Regulating Water System

A common challenge that government organizations face today is the need to accomplish more with ever-shrinking resources and funds. This challenge also troubles the Waterschap Drents Overijssel Delta, one of the 22 water boards in the Netherlands. Their goals are simple: manage infrastructure such as dams and dykes, decontaminate water supplies, and balance flooding and drought situations. But now, with growing populations and global warming threatening the natural balance, they must develop new sustainable ways to meet their goals. Technology and automation used to decipher satellite data helped WDO Delta recognize approximately 40% of anomalies in their field assets. This result was simply not enough, as it still meant that field crews must work around the clock to achieve accurate results. In 2018, WDO Delta and IMAGEM began working on an ambitious pilot to test the possibilities of using machine learning within ERDAS IMAGINE. In this session WDO Delta and IMAGEM will share the overwhelmingly positive results from the pilot and discuss their plans to create a self-regulating water system - the first of its kind in the Netherlands.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Jeroen Waanders
3103 - Protecting People and Assets from Fire Risk with PROMETEO: Utility Asset Management Case (Tech Highlight Session)

Fires often have devastating personal and socioeconomic effects on people and assets. Various individual models based on observed weather recordings and vegetation conditions have been developed to help provide fire danger ratings. GEO Data Design leveraged their expertise and experience in Remote Sensing to develop the comprehensive PROMETEO algorithm, which incorporates meteorological data, multispectral satellite images, topography, slope, aspect, and human population factors. The result is a quantitative probability forecast of fire risk over an area of interest. Using ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler and advanced Python scripting, PROMETEO produces outputs that are integrated into a Hexagon Geospatial M.App Enterprise solution that enables cloud-based pre-fire planning and post-fire assessment phases of fire management programs. The application includes web-based & mobile interfaces that integrate information layers, analytics and workforce management capabilities to streamline vegetation clearing for office-bound and remotely deployed personnel. PROMETEO assists in quantifying the risk of fire to both people and assets, facilitating informed decisions that proactively protect them. This paper will discuss the deployment of PROMETEO in power line asset management.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Nisbert Chimboza
3105 - Aeronautical Information Management - The sky has limits, and how Frequentis uses Luciad technology to push them Air traffic grows while the available sky remains the same. This constant need for optimization, as well as for thorough safety regulations, requires aeronautical applications and publications to have the best possible data available worldwide. Frequentis, using Hexagon's Luciad technology, has been providing aeronautical information systems with mission-critical 4D data to international customers for more than a decade. This session shows how these systems work, which data is necessary to enhance air safety, and touches on the future of aeronautical information systems. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Matthias Riedl
3106 - Implementing Photogrammetry in Land and Property Services In this presentation Ciaran will talk about how Land and Property Services (LPS), the national mapping agency in Northern Ireland, implemented ImageStation and GeoMedia to provide a complete orthoimage production and photogrammetric workflow. Using the complete ImageStation product line, LPS creates and triangulates orthoimagery. Then, using stereophotogrammetry, the agency updates the large-scale vector data for Northern Ireland. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Ciaran Kirk
3107 - Aeronautical Charting powered by GeoMedia - Publications for Airlines and Airspace Users The International Civil Aviation Organisation Annex 4 and Annex 14 regulations require Air Navigation Service Providers to publish aeronautical charts as part of their Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP). These are grouped into different classes such as charts for arrival and departure procedures, en-route charts, charts for obstacles in the vicinity of airports, and complete and detailed airport maps. Historically, these charts were drawn using CAD software. Today, GIS tools are the first choice to produce the highest quality publications. This presentation will demonstrate how GeoMedia enables Frequentis' smartCharting solution based on data driven automation. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Matthias Riedl
3108 - Collecting and Analyzing Aviation-Specific Data for Optimum Aerial Operation (Tech Highlight Session)

Technologies developed by Hexagon's Geospatial division can provide answers to many of the top concerns in the aviation industry, including weather hazards, noise and air pollution, air traffic congestion, and airport safety. In this session, you will learn more about how air traffic management, simulation, planning, and execution systems built with our software can help manage an increasingly diverse airspace. We will share use cases from Lufthansa, Pegasus, Turkish Airlines, FAA, Eurocontrol and demonstrate how our software connects to aviation-specific data (ASDI, digital NOTAMs, AIXM 5.1, ARINC, OGC NetCDF, GRIB, WXXM, etc.), models and visualizes data in different dimensions, and executes complex calculations to optimize air traffic and provide better information management support for aviation experts.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Sebastiaan Helsen
Peter Burpee
3109 - Achieving Maritime Domain-Awareness for More Efficient Seafaring Activities

Combating seafaring criminal activities, including irregular migration, human smuggling, terrorism at sea, arms and drug trafficking, illegal fishing, and piracy, has become a high priority on the security agenda. Securing the sea requires a day-to-day collaboration activity between several actors in maritime surveillance. Learn more about how both commercial and military agencies are using Hexagon Geospatial technology to provide real-time analytics and domain awareness for maritime surveillance, vessel tracking systems and port authorities. In this session, we will show you how various types and sources of data, including weather, satellite, real-time, and underwater, are integrated, served, and consumed. Ultimately, we aim to create a smart digital reality that keeps people, infrastructure, and cargo safe, both at seaports and at sea.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Ignacio Hernandez
3110 - GeoSolutions Brings Flemish Waterway Closer to Hexagon's 'Geo-Ops' Vision Belgium, especially the Flemish region, depends heavily on inland waterways. They contribute to the economy, prosperity, and quality of life in Flanders. Flanders' waterways are managed and developed by "de Vlaamse Waterweg nv" ("the Flemish Waterway"), an independent agency of the Flemish government. Flemish Waterway is a long-standing user of Hexagon technology. GeoSolutions, a Hexagon partner, serves as their integration and know-how resource. This presentation will focus on how GeoSolutions helps Flemish Waterway achieve Hexagon Geospatial's "Geo-Ops" vision. By overcoming the divide between geospatial professionals and the wider organization that relies on geospatial data for use in operations, GeoSolutions helps bridge the Geospatial and the Operational worlds. The main goals of GeoOps with respect to Flemish Waterway are to harmonize and fuse all location intelligence information into one single environment, to bridge the gap between GIS and CAD data, and to efficiently disseminate geospatial information to internal and external users. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Anneliesje Van Alphen
3111 - EDU Contest Winners: Two Approaches for Machine-Learning Classification using Satellite Imagery

Contest Winner: Christopher Hanni, USF: Grant-Funded Research Aids Fatal Palm Tree Disease with ERDAS IMAGINE

Native palms, such as the Sabal palmetto, play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance in Florida. As a side-effect of globalization, new phytopathogens have been introduced and threaten native palm forests. This decline presents new challenges for forestry managers and geographers but advances in remote sensing have assisted by providing spatial metrics about the type, quantity, location, and the state of heath for trees for many years. Spatial details regarding the general palm decline in Florida were elucidated with tools found in ERDAS IMAGINE in conjunction with R classification programming packages. A novel approach using TensorFlow deep learning classification, multiband spatial statistics and indices, data reduction, and stepwise refinement masking yielded a significant improvement over Random Forest classification in a comparison analysis. The data sets generated from the model can aid lawmakers, government agencies, forestry managers, and environmental advocacy groups with managing the decline.

Honorable Mention: Tara McKinnon, Georgia Institute of Technology: Extending Land Cover Classification Dates to Show How Land Cover in the State of Georgia Has Shifted from the 1970s to the Present

The National Land Cover Database (NLCD) currently provides land cover classification data for the coterminous United States for the years 1992, 2001, 2006, and 2011. The NLCD dataset is based on classifications performed on LandSat imagery, and is useful in determining land cover change, which in turn helps us understand urbanization trends, changes in amount of forested land and land devoted to crops, and more. However, there is currently no standard product available for years other than those listed, though LandSat imagery has been continuously available since 1972. In this project, we seek to extend the land cover classification dates for the state of Georgia and illuminate how land cover has changed from the 1970s to present by conducting a land cover classification for the early 1970s, one for the early 1980s, and one for 2017/2018. After preprocessing and mosaicing LandSat imagery for each of the dates of interest to cover the state, land cover classifications for each set of dates will be conducted in ERDAS IMAGINE using the NLCD tool. This tool, built on the IMAGINE Spatial Modeler, uses a classification and regression tree (CART) machine learning algorithm to classify an image based on both independent and dependent variables. Once land cover classifications are complete for all 3 sets of dates, a series of change detection analyses will be conducted in ERDAS IMAGINE to assess how land cover has shifted from the 1970s to present.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Tara McKinnon
Christopher Hanni
3112 - Constructing Visions of the Past in GeoMedia 3D: A GIS Model of Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico  Throughout the 20th century, the Carnegie Institution for Science and other groups conducted pioneering archaeological surveys throughout Mesoamerica. Maps and publications resulting from these expeditions represent a significant body of knowledge about ancient peoples and places. This session will discuss the use of Hexagon GeoMedia 3D GIS technology to process and synthesize data housed in a variety of formats from Calakmul, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, into a geo-database that renders a vision of the past yet unseen by modern scholars. Recent efforts to depict archaeological sites as visually appealing 3D renderings employ artificial exaggeration of feature characteristics and geospatial relationships which fail to preserve the iterative capabilities designed in modern GIS. This GIS, developed with GeoMedia, can perform 3D visualization tasks while preserving the geospatial fidelity of projected map entities. It thereby enables the researcher to perform complex analytical operations as well as view site features from any perspective in their true three-dimensional form. The project includes over 4,500 3D representations of structures and represents the largest functional GIS of any archaeological site in the world. It will ultimately be housed online for visitors to fly through. Funding for this work was provided by BELSPO and UNESCO. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Terance Winemiller
3113 - ERDAS IMAGINE Supports Academic Advancements in the Geospatial Sciences at the University of Botswana

This presentation will show how ERDAS IMAGINE facilitates fundamental research, teaching, and learning opportunities at the University of Botswana. The software supports the Environmental Science Department in the Faculty of Science in leading pivotal studies in the geospatial sciences, including ones on remote sensing and geographical information systems (GIS). A number of research examples will be discussed, from the investigation of land cover change and trends through the reconstruction of historical landscapes to the application of GIS and remote sensing in the mapping of the human-elephant conflict. Other examples will discuss the use of improved data for hydrological modelling and its implications for water resource management.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Joyce Maphanyane
3114 - Using Knowledge Graphs to Build Intelligent Spatial Data Solutions for Multiple Industry Verticals

Most large enterprises and government entities comprise multiple siloed systems that do not communicate with one another because their location data, schemas, and data values are not compatible. Moreover, traditional data integration methods are labor intensive, risky, and do not scale. Semantic rules can be defined using knowledge graphs to build intelligent integrated solutions for different industry verticals. These rules, when implemented in a spatial ontology, can help automate data integration at scale across disparate systems and perform human-like reasoning on spatial data beyond what traditional spatial databases support. This talk will demonstrate how a semantic spatial metamodel can be used to build knowledge graphs with open source technologies and how they can be integrated into LuciadRIA.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Jeff Akers
Nathan McEachen
3203 - Exploring the Analyzer API to connect to, visualize, and interact with live IoT data

Participants will build out a new Feature Analyzer application based on New York 911 calls for service (Historical 911 Calls for Service). Participants will also use the Analyzer API to connect and link to a second dataset (Existing Dispatch Areas), build out a Node-red flow, and simulate a live connection to an IoT data source. The live data connection will also be made to notification services and the LuciadRIA 3D visualization tool will then be used to create thematic 3D maps.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3204 - Machine Learning Applications for Land Classification

Our environment is constantly changing due to weather, natural disasters, deforestation, urbanization, farming, politics, and many other factors. The ability to identify and understand recent changes and predict potential future changes is critical to many state, local and national government organizations. Hexagon US Federal provides an application that handles these requirements: the Land Cover Mapping (LCM) tool. Built on the ERDAS IMAGINE platform and incorporating a machine learning Classification and Regression Tree (CART) algorithm, the LCM tool is easy to use and provides powerful analysis of land cover datasets. This analysis supports numerous activities, such as monitoring changes of census tracts to verify farm subsidy eligibility among others. Attend this hands-on class to learn how to use the ERDAS IMAGINE platform, the built-in spatial modeler, and the LCM tool for land cover mapping applications. Students will learn (a) how to easily and accurately classify imagery such as the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery available through the Hexagon Imagery Program, (b) how to properly train the machine learning algorithm for optimal results, and (c) the best techniques for choosing independent variable inputs, such as normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), slope, moisture content, and elevation models. In addition to learning how to use the key features of the application, participants will also learn about using the spatial modeler to extend the LCM tool capabilities and workflows for publishing results as cloud services. Once these processes and resulting data sets become available as web services, they can be incorporated into autonomous connected ecosystems (ACE). These ACE may be used to control automated collections of new land cover imagery and integration of other sensor feeds important to understanding the dynamic environment. They may also be used for reporting and alerting based on specific land cover changes.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3205 - Managing Air Traffic with AIXM and the Luciad Portfolio

In this session you will learn about AIXM, an invaluable standard format for data in the aviation industry. You will gain an understanding of the complexity of the format and learn how the Luciad Portfolio is perfectly equipped to handle that complexity for you. Taking on the role of an Air Traffic Manager, you will use tools such as the AIXM Viewer to experience the air space in 4D. Your goal will be to plan optimal flight routes and avoid obstacles such as thunderstorms to ensure that all passengers arrive at their destination on time.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3207 - Encourage e-Participation in Smart Cities with a Smart M.App Built by Mobile Alert

Learn how quickly Smart M.Apps can address vital needs of Smart Cities. Use Mobile Alert to create a Smart M.App-based solution that involves citizens in e-participation. Engaging in this type of open innovation and information exchange with citizens is a great step toward developing a Smart City, an area where government leaders utilize technology to its greatest potential in order to gather data and make smart, efficient management decisions.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3209 - From Point Cloud to Highly Accurate Surfaces

A digital surface or elevation model (DSM/DEM) is a prerequisite for most geospatial applications. Examples of such applications include flood area mapping, line of sight analysis, and forest management. In this class, you will generate highly accurate gridded DSMs and DEMs from dense point cloud data. In doing so, you will also learn how to efficiently visualize, manipulate, and manage point cloud data both in a GUI and in the spatial modeler context.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3210 - Smarter Change Detection with ERDAS IMAGINE

Change makes geospatial data obsolete almost as fast as the data can be collected. Property appraisers, forestry workers, and the defense industry all rely on timely and accurate identification of change. This session will teach you the basics of change detection and introduce you to ERDAS IMAGINE's semi-automated zonal (area) change detection. Learn via hands-on training how this unique feature analyzes change on an area-by-area (zones) basis, how to prioritize the likelihood of change, and how to apply your own custom change algorithms within the change review user interface.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3211 - Taking Geoprocessing to the Next Level Using Spatial Modeler

Building on the Introduction to Spatial Modeling course presented in past years (and now available online in the Spatial Modeler eTraining Courses listing), this intermediate level course delves deeper into the myriad of tools available within Spatial Modeler. You will learn how to create user-friendly, reusable and batchable geoprocesses with it. Students will build several practical component models to seek solutions to geospatial problems by using capabilities such as Iterators, Tables, Functional Attributes and more. Students will primarily access the Spatial Model Editor via ERDAS IMAGINE, but the skills will be applicable to creating Spatial Recipes in and for GeoMedia, Spatial Workshop (M.App Studio), Hexagon Smart M.Apps, M.App X and other environments.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3212 - Improve Productivity Through Spatial Modeler Scripting with Python

The Spatial Modeler by Hexagon's Geospatial division provides a rich environment for creating geospatial algorithms that combine imagery, terrain, point clouds, and features. This course will teach you how to expand the applications using automation techniques involving either simple batch files or python scripting for greater range and flexibility.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3215 - Enhance Transportation Road Networks with Functional Attributes and Spatial Modeling in GeoMedia

The GeoMedia 2018 release provides the ability to generate, execute, and manage spatial models that can solve many of today's most complex business problems. Experience how spatial modeling can help maintain transportation road networks and learn the power of GeoMedia's Generate Functional Attributes spatial operator at the same time.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3217 - Automate Your Mosaic Update with EdgeFrontier and Provider Suite Products

Learn how Xalt EdgeFrontier can orchestrate Provider Suite products to trigger when events occur and control data flow throughout a larger system. This session assumes prior Provider Suite experience and will largely focus on building an EdgeFrontier system from scratch. Students will learn how to integrate Geospatial components into their system to perform automated workflows. In this lesson, the workflows involve polling a third-party data warehouse for new data and automatically triggering a GeoCompressor update on an existing ECW country-wide mosaic

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3218 - Connecting to any data source with Luciad technology Connecting to any data source is one of the key aspects of the Luciad Portfolio. Its modular architecture and flexible API provide a wide range of possibilities to integrate data sources and deliver geospatial software solutions. In this session, you will learn how the Luciad products fit together and how an architecture can be defined that optimally uses your data to meet the need of your business & mission critical operations. Next to an overview of the architecture behind the Luciad products and its data connectors, we explore a set of real-life geospatial data use cases and how they can be addressed using Luciad technology, including: * How to handle raster data consisting of thousands of files? * How to enable applications to interact with unlimited vector data? * How to handle dynamic data and explore it over time? * How to use your data in disconnected environments? * How to handle custom data sources? 120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3220 - What's new in the Producer Suite?

With the upcoming release of Power Portfolio 2019, the Producer Suite -- GeoMedia, ImageStation, ERDAS IMAGINE, and IMAGINE Photogrammetry -- adds compelling features to your arsenal of geospatial tools. We will show you how the power of machine learning can help you tackle big data problems faster than ever before, using GPU acceleration. New tools for processing radar data open up new avenues for gathering information from the rapidly increasing multitude of radar sources. New spatial operators for feature, vector, raster,and image data bring together the power of spatial and GIS analysis to gather new dynamic insights from your data. Advances in data access and interoperability improve data sharing throughout the enterprise. Enhancements in photogrammetry accelerate the production and enhance the quality of products derivedfrom satellite, aerial, and UAV data.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Vince Smith
Bradley Skelton
3221 - What's new in the Provider Suite?

With Power Portfolio 2019, the Provider Suite allows you to easily store, discover, manage, and deliver your data across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. The Provider Suite includes ERDAS APOLLO, GeoCompressor, and ECW technologies. Each one is a unique, powerful solution designed to help you optimize and organize all the geospatial and business data across your enterprise. In this session, you will discover how our team continues to optimize common data management workflows. The agenda will include: demonstrations of the new notification service that alerts you when new data meets your specifications, a sneak peek of the new ERDAS APOLLO web client with vastly improved user experience, and a progress update on cloud-enabling our image compression technology. Learn about these topics and much more in our exciting Provider Suite presentation!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Alain Kabamba
3222 - What's new in the Platform Suite?

In Power Portfolio 2019, the Platform Suite continues to serve as the solid foundation of powerful geospatial functionality that enables you to create your own unique applications. The Platform Suite includes the following products: GeoMedia Smart Client, GeoMedia WebMap, Geospatial SDI, Geospatial Portal and Mobile MapWorks. In this session, we will show you how the repacking of Mobile MapWorks into WebGIS will help you create stunning mobile applications for field inspection. You will find out how new features in GMSC can make your daily work easier and more meaningful. Finally, you will see first hand how easy it is to build custom web, mobile, and other smart enterprise solutions that suit your unique business needs.



45 Minutes Breakout Session Markus Holler
Marek Brylski
3223 - What's new in the M.App Portfolio? (Tech Highlight Session)

Join us as we share all of the new innovations in our Cloud and Smart M.App releases with you. M.App Enterprise is our on-premise solution that lets you create and disseminate geospatial apps to your organization. You will see how the integration of Luciad technology can help you visualize 3D content and create stunning analyzes. You will learn how you can easily build apps for citizen participation with Mobile Alert via online configuration. We will also tell you about our new pricing plan. You will discover how our new online store will help you reach new customers and provide them with stunning and easy-to-use applications. Finally, we will show you how templates like Feature Analyzer can make it easy for non-technical users to quickly create a wide range of first-class geospatial reports that illustrateand explore your point, polygon, and linear location data.


45 Minutes Breakout Session Marek Brylski
Markus Holler
3224 - What's new in the Luciad Portfolio? (Tech Highlight Session)

Get ready to break down data silos on any platform. The 2019 release of the Luciad Portfolio continues to bring our customers the best platforms for situational awareness and real-time location intelligence. Our Java-based LuciadLightspeed platform takes advantage of the latest Java features. JavaFX enables you to create dynamic user interfaces, while still leveraging the full performance of the GPU. LuciadLightspeed and LuciadFusion support OpenJDK and the latest Oracle Java virtual machines for a freedom of choice. You can develop automated data services with the flexible RESTful API in the LuciadFusion server platform or roll out your custom branded LuciadFusion Studio for easy interactive data management. We are also updating our products to support the latest standards in defense and aviation, from the dismounted soldier to the cloud-based airspace planner (MS2525, MGCP, AIXM, etc.). Finally, we're proud to present the newest member of the Luciad product family: LuciadCPillar. This product will be especially exciting to C++ and .NET developers, who will appreciate us bringing the best situational awareness SDK to their favorite platform.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Frank Suykens
Daniel Balog
3225 - Leveraging Google for Intelligent Geospatial Data Management

Imagine bringing together the best of Google Maps, Google Cloud, and Hexagon technologies to create unparalleled data analytics. Join Harris Eisenberg: Executive Vice President of Thermopylae Sciences & Technology, a Hexagon US Federal company, to explore how this vision is becoming reality. The fusion of Google and Hexagon content along with 3D content and cloud-based machine learning are opening exciting new doors for organizations in industries such as energy, insurance, among other data-driven businesses. Combined with custom collection, advanced visualization, and some real-world use cases, we will explore the exciting possibilities that will help solve challenging geospatial business problem sets.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Harris Eisenberg
3226 - How Hexagon Smart Census is supporting preparations for the 2021 Population and Housing Census in Botswana

Botswana will conduct their next Population and Housing Census in 2021. Pre-enumeration activities commenced in 2018. Enumeration will take place in August 2021 A workforce of around 10,000 will be deployed for a period of 2-3 weeks to collect basic socio-demographic and housing information of every individual and housing unit within the boundaries of the two countries.  In preparation for the census the dwelling unit frame for the entire country needs to be updated. The updated dwelling frame is used for the delineation of census enumeration areas – the small census tract that is used for the door-to-door counting of the population.

Botswana is currently using the Pre-Enumeration module of HxGN Smart Census for the creation of a Dwelling Unit (DU) frame – a first for Botswana.

The paper describes how Statistics Botswana using Smart Census; how Smart Census is addressing challenges faced in the past; key benefits of Smart Census; as well as recommendations for further development of the Smart Census platform.

45 Minutes Breakout Session HENDRIK LOOTS
3227 - Enrich your Hexagon Geospatial Products with HxGN Content Program Data

Discover the benefits of the HxGN Content Program, highly accurate, geospatial datasets of the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Get cloud-access to petabytes of ortho-rectified, aerial imagery ready for use within ERDAS IMAGINE, M.App Enterprise, and other Hexagon Geospatial applications. This session will showcase practical examples on how to download, or stream HxGN Content via WMS/WMTS, for various applications, including: extracting ground control points from HxGN Content to increase the positional accuracy of less precise imagery; using HxGN aerials as base maps for feature extraction; and apply deep learning algorithms for object detection.  Get a sneak preview of robust 3D urban and country-wide datasets due to launch later this year.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Sam Megenta
Paul Smith
3302 - How Baton Rouge is becoming a Smarter City with M.App Enterprise

How can a city take strides toward becoming a smart city? For the US state of Louisiana's capital city of Baton Rouge, a key goal was to increase transparency and accountability in government operations for the city's 227,000 residents, as well as keeping their city safe. Their various departments needed access to all relevant geospatial as well as business data, historical as well as current, without requiring their users to be GIS experts to view and analyze data in a map. In this session you will learn how M.App Enterprise is enabling the city of Baton Rouge to drive decisions based on data with compelling location-based visualization and analysis tools.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Robert Gammon
3303 - Addressing Municipality Needs with GeoMedia WebMap

Want to learn how GeoMedia WebMap, Geospatial Portal, and Hexagon Geospatial mobile applications are used to meet real-life municipality needs? Now, you can build a Smart City solution with Hexagon Geospatial WebGIS products. A high-performance administration component is critical to efficiently delivering public services, managing government agencies, and engaging citizens. Here's your chance to learn how GeoMedia WebMap enables you to create your own unique data-driven, urban planning applications on top of a solid foundation of powerful geospatial functionality. In this session, we will show you how with a simple click of a mouse, you can build custom web, mobile, and other smart enterprise solutions that introduce eParticipation and improve decision-making in Smart Cities based on demography, education, and budget analysis.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Marek Brylski
3304 - Building Smart City Ecosystems with Artificial Intelligence

As autonomous building technologies powered by artificial intelligence become popularized, the question of how smart buildings will fit into smart city ecosystems becomes more urgent. Combining individual building AI engines with intelligent city infrastructures will allow for the creation of a city-wide AI ecosystem that generates value for citizens, optimizes energy flow, and delivers innovative energy grid management tools. Integrating a variety of data such as weather, human movement, energy demand/generation, and air quality would provide all the information necessary to regulate thousands of settings in building and grid operations across cities. Access to this information in real time would also support more informed decision-making. The collaboration and integration of multiple technologies will be necessary to the success of such a wide-spread project. Combining Hexagon GIS solutions, BrainBox AI engines, and smart city tools such as MyTown will be critical to building an optimized city ecosystem. The capturing of data flow to fuel AI engines will influence a paradigm shift among grid operators; this shift could optimize energy consumption in buildings and city infrastructure and be a key driver in our fight against climate change. The ability to see our world as a complex network of data points is Hexagon's expertise; combining that expertise with powerful AI and deep learning models that guide self-learning functions would lead to an unimaginable number of opportunities for cities around the world.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Jean-Simon Venne
3305 - Rheticus® Network Alert Smart M.App Enables Predictive Maintenance Services for Utilities Companies (Tech Highlight Session)

Asset-management and utilities companies routinely collect vast amounts of data on their assets, operations, and customers. Smart M.Apps enable them to generate actionable knowledge from this data. Once merged with artificial intelligence and machine learning patterns this information elevates asset management to enable predictive maintenance. Planetek Italia created a satellite-based reporting service using M.App Enterprise and its cloud platform Rheticus®: Network Alert. Network Alert provides geoanalytics and alerts for monitoring water and sewer networks. It optimizes maintenance activities, allowing customers to detect ground displacement, prevent potential failures, and better organise network inspections. Thanks to AI and machine learning algorithms implemented in the pipeline's status inspections, various field data, and several open data sources such as pluviometers, bus routes, and GPS tracks, Rheticus creates inputs to support the predictive maintenance of the network. Gruppo Hera has received significant positive feedback over the last 12 months for using Rheticus® Network Alert. They have improved their capacity of pipeline problem detection by 40% and plan to introduce data modelling to highlight potential problem areas before they manifest. Rheticus guarantees an unprecedented cost-benefit radio on the cloud, on a partner's M.App Enterprise installation, and/or on customers' premises anytime there is a need for network data confidentiality.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Massimo Zotti
3307 - Reimagining Shutdown, Maintenance and Safety Planning with Spatial Intelligence

A turnaround is a planned, periodic shutdown of one or more processing units (up to the entire plant) for scheduled maintenance, inspection, and repair of equipment and to replace process materials and equipment that have worn out or broken. Turnarounds ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations. Spatial & time-based visual analysis can play a significant role in maintenance planning, inspection, and safety. Unlike building an actual prototype, it allows us to not only predict what will happen but also why it will happen. Scenarios can be readily projected and tested with multiple complex and interdependent factors. Enter AiSpanner, the next-gen easy-to-use Turnaround, Shutdown Maintenance, and Safety Planning application. AiSpanner is an interactive, multidimensional solution using LuciadLightspeed for advanced visualisation, analytics, and spatial and augmented intelligence. Attend this session to learn how AiSpanner illuminates visual data relationships and offers spatial intelligence that help with planning tasks, preserving safety, deploying cranes, performing inspections, and assembling scaffolding. The aim is to manage and optimise physical space, mitigate conflicts, and reduce the risk of damaging malfunctions. Finally, you will discover how AiSpanner improves efficiency, quality, and accuracy while lowering risk of health, safety, and environmental incidents by increasing performance in maintenance, refurbishment, and decommissioning.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Mukesh Patel
3308 - Sustainable Smart City Planning and Enhanced Building Permit Management

The development of smart cities requires extremely steady and frequent interaction between municipalities, companies, researchers and scientists.
Smart, vibrant, and sustainable cities require:
• Positive changes based on interactions with the inhabitants through communication and cooperation
• No limitations by organizational silos and responsibilities
• Access to detailed thematic maps, base maps, land use, and zoning plans
This presentation will describe a GeoMedia solution that supports one vital prerequisite for the implementation of smart cities. Norconsult, a consulting firm with the Norwegian mapping infrastructure, has developed an application that enables municipalities to update base maps and land use data in a common, centralized GIS database.
We will also present a new open digital solution for handling building permit applications. This solution runs a digital process for the collection of base data, distribution of registered letters to all neighbors, and delivery of the application schemas to the municipalities. This solution has made the process dramatically more efficient, produced better quality results, and improved accuracy. The applicant saves both time and money that would be spent on filing the schemas. The municipality benefits from consistently receiving complete applications that require less handling and fewer corrections, which reduces the overall time spent on processing.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Tor Olav Almaas
3401 - Ensuring All-Domain Awareness with AI/ML-Driven Analytics

Decision Support Systems (DSS) are playing an increasingly important role in the characterization of suspicious activities within an area of interest, given their proven ability to turn massive amounts of raw data into actionable intelligence. This intelligence is often easy to understand by human operators, and thus it enables fast, informed action. In this talk, we present unique learning algorithms involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that allow us to process huge amounts of critical information and knowledge acquired from specific domains. This unique architecture features a Total::Insight back end by Larus Technologies and a LuciadRIA front end by Hexagon Geospatial. The system continually delivers the most accurate information possible in order to optimize the decision-maker's domain awareness. The goal is to help users make sense of the overwhelming data through edge processing, which minimizes bandwidth costs and latency while reducing the influx of data by detecting events of interest. We will also discuss innovative concepts such as track correlation/fusion and anomaly detection as well as response generation, which provide focused surveillance and account for behavioral intents. This ensures that no event of interest is missed due to human fatigue or data overload while only relevant alarms are being investigated.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Rami Abielmona
3402 - Making Intelligence Intelligent: Optimizing Remote Sensing with ERDAS APOLLO

ERDAS APOLLO provides analysts with unified, homogeneous catalog access to geo-intelligence, a significant improvement on the more fragmented procedures of the past. To accomplish this goal, the ERDAS APOLLO catalog structure was built on a myriad of queryable elements. This enhanced technology is the key to probing an enormous variety of materials (e.g. satellite imagery, height models, weather data) all from various suppliers. The analysts no longer need to know the origin of the data they are working with; instead, they are free to concentrate on more important aspects such as time, coordinates, and other conditions found within the metadata. One outstanding detail about this ERDAS APOLLO installation is its ability to ingest data continuously. Data is ingested 24/7, to provide analysts only with the most up-to-date information, underscoring the system's performance and reliability. In terms of usage, the ERDAS APOLLO catalog enables the efficient support of intelligence workflow in a scalable scenario. The next developments will include the configuration of a dynamic Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) to display large portions of the catalog using the ERDAS APOLLO Core Console functionality. This feature will allow users to efficiently browse layered data in the catalog without the need for a direct file, optimizing the overall intelligence process.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Christopher Nau
Mathias Mueller
3403 - Streamlining a Mobile MapWorks-Enabled Offline Field Check Workflow with GeoMedia and Spatial Model Editor

The Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE) in Canada deploys field teams annually to conduct field checks in support of its National Mapping programs. The field checks primarily validate information about mapping data that cannot be verified using imagery or other auxiliary data. The information gathered is used to update MCE's Corporate Production Databases. The entire process is currently manual, whereby Excel spreadsheets are used to list, track, and record the information required for field inspections. Each inspection can take up to several days to complete. MCE is investigating the use of mobile technologies to streamline this process, but the lack of connectivity in the field or garrison creates challenges with setting up web services for data synchronization. A prototype was set up and demonstrated to MCE by Hexagon Geospatial in March 2018. The prototype made use of Hexagon's Mobile MapWorks (MMW) application. It demonstrated enough potential to warrant testing during the 2018 field inspections. As a result of the field tests, several recommendations were made to optimize the use of MMW for field checks. The presentation will include a demonstration of the entire offline workflow, including: creation of the raster tiles using spatial models, export/import of data from a desktop to the mobile device, simulation of field edits, export/import of data back to the desktop from the mobile device, and synchronization of the field results with the master database.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Saverio Avella
David Monaghan
3404 - Developing Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE) to Advance Defense and Security Organizations

Many of today's defense and security organizations are challenged by the need to meet constantly evolving mission requirements while working with shrinking budgets and limited resources. They are also tasked with incorporating the latest advances in technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), drones, autonomous vehicles, and mobile devices. Effective and integrated applications of these technologies in an Autonomous Connected Ecosystem (ACE) can optimize the use of valuable resources, improve decision-making, and increase the probability of mission success. Attend this session to learn how Hexagon is deploying a range of solutions as part of an ACE, including: digital reality capture, incident response, mission planning & mission control, command&control, geospatial visualization and analysis, enterprise integration, and cybersecurity. We will also share solutions, industry trends, case studies from NATO, NGA, Ministries of Defense around the world, and best practices for creating your own ACE. These concepts will be clearly illustrated via real-world scenarios, such as military patrol planning, regional disaster response, and active shooter training exercises.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Robert Mott
3405 - Changing the Game for DoD Content Collection

Having access to recent, high-resolution imagery can sometimes make the all the difference for a successful mission. Join AJ Clark: CEO of Thermopylae Sciences & Technology, a Hexagon US Federal company, in a thorough examination of the Aerial Reconnaissance Terrestrial Edge Mapping Imagery System (ARTEMIS). He will discuss in detail its impact on content collection through its ability to put collection and operationalization into the hands of the warfighter. Highlighted technologies will include Google Earth Enterprise Platform, LuciadRIA and LuciadFusion, eBee drones, and more. He will also offer insight on the road to building and integrating these technologies into a system that has made a major impact on the Special Operations Forces community.

45 Minutes Breakout Session AJ Clark
3406 - Monitoring Natural Disasters with Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery

Japan is well known for the way it handles its frequent encounters with natural disasters. In 2018 alone, Japan saw torrential rains, severe flooding, earthquakes, typhoons and heat waves. PASCO's technologies are aimed at the acquisition and processing of geospatial information and play a vital role in helping us understand the situation in times of disaster. PASCO mitigation approaches consist of observing wide areas and creating 3D data, rapidly analyzing data acquired from various sensors, visualizing the data, transmitting information, and immediately processing functions during and after the disasters. The results are provided efficiently to the relevant offices and aiding organizations, including the disaster-affected municipalities, private corporations, media, etc. This session describes PASCO's contributions to post-disaster monitoring by utilizing EO satellites for rapid information delivery. The presentation also demonstrates the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Interferometry (InSAR) that enables the measurement of small-scale surface deformation of our services for the Surface Movement Monitoring (SMM). The SMM has a great potential for measuring the rate of ground deformation and thus monitoring natural hazards. Additionally, we will discuss our current focus on Machine Learning and Deep Learning and applying ERDAS IMAGINE Professional. PASCO is making satisfactory progress with the cooperation of Hexagon Geospatial in mitigating global issues by utilizing advanced geospatial information technology.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Yoshinori Ishioka
3407 - Building a Smarter, Safer Minefield Location Intelligence System Landmines, anti-tank mines, cluster bombs, and unexploded ordnance present a serious problem in many countries. Over 60 million people are exposed to dangers of landmines, and 90% of landmine victims are civilians, most of whom are children. 4M Analytics is building a minefield location intelligence solution to make locating landmines faster, easier, and safer. Built using the Luciad portfolio technology, this system fuses hundreds of layers of data, uses machine learning algorithms to identify patterns, and predict where the mines located. Come and see how they use Luciad technology to collect, store, fuse and abstract the data, and then provide clear, smooth, and intuitive visualization of not only where the mines are, but - more importantly to the teams tasked with removal - where the mines are not. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Itzik Malka
Nir Cohen
3408 - Building a Solution for Next-Generation Imagery-Based Actionable Intelligence Analysis with Luciad AIXM Increased availability of spatial data from heterogenous satellite sources (e.g., RADAR and Optical) and emergent big data technologies are creating information superiority for various defense and intelligence applications. Multi-source satellite imagery is becoming a fundamental asset for critical defense and intelligence activities such as the recognition and analysis of key equipment, detection of changes in military interest, characterization of pattern of life, and subsequently the identification of anomalous human activities. This session will describe the e-GEOS solution for next generation imagery-based actionable intelligence analysis. One objective of e-GEOS is to support the analyst throughout the whole imagery intelligence (IMINT) cycle through ad-hoc designed and developed satellite imagery exploitation workflows. Another is to provide an operational platform that is open and customizable to various types of remotely sensed data and value-added products and to the specific IMINT workflow to be executed. The platform is also designed with new tools that integrate novel technologies for Big Data exploitation (e.g. legacy systems data, satellite, optical, and radar imagery-derived information, and social networking). Join them to learn more about how these tools can be defined and configured to perform advanced intelligence and risk analysis. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Elena Francioni
3409 - Real-Time Situational Awareness with ONKAN and LuciadLightspeed

Understanding the situation on the ground in real-time is vital to the success of any mission. Clear communication and quick response in times of crisis, emergencies, natural disaster, or combat can often be the only factors that stand between safety and injury. ONKAN, a product developed by Decsef, offers a Situational Awareness System (SAS) for these mission-critical circumstances. This product not only covers the basics of locating friendly forces, but it also handles voice exchange, transmission of text messages and predefined orders, and real-time image and video feeds. In this session, you will learn more about how Decsef uses the power of the LuciadLightspeed development platform to handle the most vital features of ONKAN. Join us to see how these products all work together to facilitate situational awareness and provide multi-agency coordination, all on a single screen for quick decision-making in critical scenarios and emergency situations.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Jose Gabriel Osorno
5000 - Platform Solutions: Delivering Digital Solutions with Xalt

Join Claudio Simao, Asif Rana, and Kim Brown to learn about Hexagon’s digital story with Xalt and Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACEs). Discover how Platform Solutions is leveraging Xalt framework to create and deliver digital transformation solutions for a multitude of business verticals and explore a selection of exciting customer success stories that are powered by Xalt.

45 Minutes Divisional Keynote Kim Brown
Claudio Simao
Asif Rana
5001 - Xalt: Framework and Outlook

Join Johannes Maunz, Director Solutions and Francisco Daffre VP Digital Transformation of Platform Solutions on the Xalt Framework and outlook. The session will focus on the addressed solutions which are enabled with Xalt and what potential technology enhancements can enable solutions in the future. ​

45 Minutes Breakout Session Johannes Maunz
Francisco Daffre
5002 - Platform Solutions: Xalt | Mobiity Customers

Xalt | Mobility Customers, hear about the last year’s evolutions and take part as we cover dedicated topics for our customer communications and enhancements - Come join the Platform Solutions team and hear the latest news around support, sales, and other organizational updates.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Asif Rana
Tim Marinello
5003 - Introduction to Xalt | Integration
Join Johannes Maunz, Director Solutions and George Thomas, R&D Lead Xalt. The introduction session will focus on latest updates on Xalt | Integration and how it enables entirely new opportunities alongside with Xalt | AI and Xalt | Mobility.​
105 Minutes Breakout Session Johannes Maunz
George Thomas
5004 - Introduction to Xalt | Mobility

Join Johannes Maunz, Director Solutions and Francisco Daffre VP Digital Transformation of Platform Solutions. The introduction session will focus on latest updates on Xalt | Mobility and how you can create your digital transformation solutions by enabling mobility to customers with tailored workflows.​

105 Minutes Breakout Session Johannes Maunz
Francisco Daffre
6000 - Always On

Always on. To some it means being connected, all the time. To others, it means being prepared and ever vigilant about the future. At Hexagon it means equipping your organization with the innovations to tackle whatever challenges you face: improving public safety in the face of unprecedented change; providing seamless, 24/7 access to whatever data you need; or ensuring reliable connections throughout entire ecosystems. Join Steven Cost, president of Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division, as he unveils Hexagon’s comprehensive, “always on” public safety solutions portfolio, offering greater coordination and agility across your enterprise with capabilities spanning dispatch, records, analytics, and mobility.

45 Minutes Divisional Keynote Steven Cost
6001 - Transformational Change: Is Your Agency Ready? (Tech Highlight Session)

As we all know, change is part of life. And transformational change is critical to remain relevant, competitive, and resilient. But, it is a process … one you must be ready for. How do prepare your agency for this journey?
Join us for this enlightening session, where Hexagon Senior Vice President of Global Product Development Dan Retzer will discuss the transformative path to HxGN OnCall, Hexagon’s new public safety product portfolio. Retzer will help you determine when HxGN OnCall is right for your agency and the path forward. Special guest and HxGN OnCall early adopter Manatee County, Florida, will join Retzer to discuss its approach to change and breaking away from the status quo. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how you can lead change within your agency!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Dan Retzer
6002 - What Can UX Do for You? (Tech Highlight Session)

Studio One, the multi-disciplinary user experience (UX) team with Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division, has met with more than 500 users around the world to develop sleek, modern, and cutting-edge designs for HxGN OnCall, Hexagon's new public safety product portfolio. Studio One is always looking to expand its knowledge of Hexagon customers' day-to-day operations to ensure our current and future products meet user needs and expectations. Join Studio One at HxGN LIVE to learn about the UX development process for HxGN OnCall Dispatch, Hexagon's new computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software suite that delivers superior incident management capabilities. Don't miss out!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Andrew England
Jenny Glass
6003 - Customer Story: Protecting Critical Infrastructure with Intergraph Planning & Response Critical infrastructure is most vulnerable during acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and other unplanned events. In this one-hour customer session, discover how Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway is leveraging Hexagon's Intergraph Planning & Response to manage and mitigate risk during major incidents and events. In this session, learn how to: Manage the entire emergency management life cycle with Hexagon technology; share information with stakeholders involved in major event response; perform table-top exercises for training purposes; and gain a full audit report of the entire response. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Jared Wagar
Simon Welfare-Jervis
6004 - What's New in I/CAD?

Get the latest information, announcements, and insights about your computer-aided dispatch system by joining us for an informative session on what's new in I/CAD 9.4 and Intergraph OnCall Dispatcher. Product managers will highlight the benefits of the new quarterly release schedule and share a road map of Hexagon's exciting CAD solutions of the future.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Gina Steadman
6005 - Quiz the I/CAD Wizards

If you have burning questions about your I/CAD system, now's your chance to quiz the experts. Join Hexagon product specialists in a forum-style setting to discuss I/CAD topics and features beneficial for a successful system. Back by popular demand, this session is interactive, dynamic, and customer driven. No question is off the table!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Duncan Kennington
Paul Hager
Daniel Maxson
Shelli Baker
6006 - Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading to I/CAD 9.4

If your agency is using an older version of I/CAD, it's time to think about upgrading to I/CAD 9.4 to take advantage of the latest product enhancements and features. As with any system upgrade, you can expect some changes to your hardware, database, configuration, and user workflows during the transition. In this instructor-led session, Hexagon product experts will provide an overview of the upgrade process and discuss hardware and virtualization platforms, database considerations, and other common challenges to help you prepare for a successful rollout. You'll also have an opportunity to ask questions, so come prepared!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Shelli Baker
6007 - Tips & Tricks: Making the Most of I/CAD

As safety and security challenges become more complex, agencies have a harder time preventing, responding to, and recovering from incidents and major events. In this session, discover our best time-saving tips and tricks to enhance your I/CAD experience and provide intelligent response. Hexagon product experts will also share setting and configuration changes within I/CAD. Don't miss out! In this session, learn about:

  • GUI modifications for I/Calltaker and I/Dispatcher
  • Workflow examples
  • Displaying additional data in I/NetViewer
  • Displaying extra fields in Intergraph Mobile Responder

This session is for I/CAD users and administrators familiar with I/Calltaker, I/Dispatcher, I/NetViewer, and Intergraph Mobile Responder.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Duncan Kennington
6008 - Testing Approaches & Best Practices in I/CAD

Get the most out of your Hexagon technology investment by discovering testing approaches and best practices related to I/CAD. In this session, join leading product experts to learn the differences between automated and manual testing and ensure your I/CAD system is running smoothly.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Duncan Kennington
6010 - Establishing a Data Analytics Culture within Public Safety Agencies

The explosion of big data can transform public safety agencies, helping them build smarter systems that drive efficiency and improve safety. To do this, organizations must establish a data analytics culture that gives managers the insights they need to make their communities safer and more resilient. Attend this session with leading Hexagon product experts to learn key strategies for implementing a data-driven culture within your agency. During this session, learn how to:

  • Better support decision-making with data
  • Objectively assess new programs and policies
  • Lower your agency's response times
  • Unlock data resources
45 Minutes Breakout Session Jack Williams
Chris Klimm
6011 - Customer Story: How Canadian Pacific Railway & Its Police Service Are Shaping Smart Change Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway is one of the safest and smartest railways in North America. To become a more data-driven organization, the railway's CP Police Service adopted a unified incident management approach by implementing a suite of integrated software from Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division. CP has gained many IT and operational efficiencies and improved incident and information management since deploying the unified system. In this customer-led session, discover how CP has increased field officer presence, enhanced strategic decision-making, and shared critical information to prevent incident and rail network disruptions, which positively impacted events along their rail lines and in surrounding communities. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Jared Wagar
6012 - Panel Discussion: Building a Safer, More Resilient Agency & City

Natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other major events are on the rise. This means emergency dispatchers and first responders must go above and beyond their regular duties to meet increased demand. At the same time, emergency communications technology has made significant strides to help agencies bridge gaps, provide more connectivity, and solve complex problems. So, what has stayed constant? The goal to aid and protect citizens and officers.
To support this mission, people, processes, and technology must come together to help organizations respond faster and more efficiently. During this panel discussion, subject matter experts will discuss the journey of becoming a resilient city and how people, processes, and technology are at the forefront of this transformation. The panel will also provide examples of how public safety agencies can collaborate and use technology as a force multiplier to help communication centers promote resiliency initiatives within their agencies.

105 Minutes Breakout Session Magni Magnason
Edward Kerkow
Chris Carver
6013 - Performance Metrics: How Does Your PSAP Measure Up?

You've heard the old saying, "You can't manage what you can't measure." This especially rings true with 911, when seconds can mean the difference between life and death. All 911 centers have performance targets, but how do you know if your agency is measuring the right things? Is there an easier way to track metrics than spending countless hours manually compiling spreadsheets and data? In this session, learn how technology can break down data barriers by leveraging GIS mapping and consolidating information from your I/CAD system, phone, radio, recording, and quality assurance solutions. Experts will also share best practices for creating and measuring PSAP performance and provide results from a recent metrics survey of more than 200 PSAPs nationwide. In this session, learn about: Common PSAP key performance indicators (e.g., NENA Call Answering Standard / Model Recommendation, NFPA 1221, NFPA 1710, and others) How new technology can significantly reduce workloads when compiling and tracking metrics and improve PSAP performance

45 Minutes Breakout Session Rob Farmer
6014 - Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS 3.7 Usability Improvements

Usability is critical to any good records management system (RMS). In this course, learn about the latest usability improvements in Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS 3.7, our cloud-deployable RMS for police and law enforcement. Hexagon solutions experts will discuss key product enhancements and the benefits of using Hexagon's system, which is evolving to better meet your needs. You'll also hear a sneak peek of what's to come. You don't want to miss this session!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Gina Steadman
6015 - Migrating to Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS from I/LEADS

Attention all I/LEADS users and administrators! Are you ready to begin your migration to Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS? Look no further. In this session, Hexagon product experts will review the migration process to help you better understand and prepare for transitioning to the enterprise-level records management system. In this session, learn about:

  • Migration planning needs
  • Basic migration processes
  • WebRMS migration timeline
45 Minutes Breakout Session Ben Van Horne
6016 - Leveraging Advanced Mobility Solutions to Create Safer, Smarter Communities Learn how to make your community safer and more resilient by joining Clevest Vice President of Product Marketing Carol Johnston for a discussion on advanced mobile data collection and communication tools. In this one-hour session, discover how you can help improve operational efficiency and connect first responders and security professionals with the communities they serve to build safer, smarter cities. 45 Minutes Breakout Session Carol Johnston
6018 - C5 Panama: Deploying Advanced Command & Control Technology to Improve Public Safety

The Ministry of Public Security of Panama and Panamanian Public Forces are responsible for overseeing and improving citizen security. The government of Panama is committed to keeping its population safe and enhancing emergency response by implementing innovative technology solutions to aid its national citizen security strategy. In November 2016, Panama and Canada governments signed an agreement to create an integrated command-and-control, communication, computing and coordination center, known as C5. This initiative launched in January 2019 to strengthen public security for Pope Francisco's visit during the 2019 World Youth Day event in Panama. In this session, learn how C5 supports coordination and collaboration between personnel from 26 different security forces and emergency response agencies. C5 is a fully integrated system that includes computer-aided dispatch with geolocation capabilities for police, emergency medical services, and fire and rescue. It also includes an open video surveillance system, emergency panic buttons, smartphone apps for citizen collaboration and incident reporting, and video analytics, such as biometric facial and license plate recognition.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Belisario Tejada
6019 - Public Safety... Digitalized

It's time to cash in on the reality capture revolution! Use it to transform public safety in your area -- from crime scenes to street protests. Hexagon's Geosystems division is driving the universal accessibility of automated 3D data capture technology, with a mission to make it more affordable, productive, and usable by all. Join this session and explore the many public safety uses of advanced reality capture technology unimaginable only a few years ago. From laser scanners quickly capturing detailed crime scene data to unlock new insights and analyses to the rapid capture of high-def 3D models of entire city blocks to aid major event management -- you're guaranteed to leave this session inspired and informed.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Stuart Woods
John Whitehead
6020 - Is Your ECC Receiving Lifesaving Device Location & Data From Smartphones?

Major 911 call improvements are coming for emergency communication centers (ECCs): more accurate location information, location-based call routing, multimedia to the PSAP, and much more. Reliant on smartphones and other IoT devices, citizens expect their data to be available to public safety officials during an emergency. In this session, learn how ECC managers, supervisors, and telecommunicators can use data from a location information server (LIS) and additional data repository (ADR) to improve their daily workflows. By analyzing real-life case studies, 911 professionals will gain a new understanding of the possibilities of device-based location and other data in their CAD system.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Karin Marquez
6021 - Cloud 101: Microsoft Azure from the Ground Up

With all the buzz around the cloud, it's easy to get lost in the marketing and hype. If you're apprehensive about letting go of your data center and assets, but open to what the cloud has to offer, this session is for you. Join specialist Doug Turnure and technology strategist Jayson Berger for a one-hour overview of Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing data applications and services. In this session, you will: - Engage in real-world discussion about keeping your information secure outside the data center - Learn how you can leverage unprecedented levels of security, reliability, capability, and scale - Discover how you can drive your agency's digital transformation journey forward.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Doug Turnure
Jayson Berger
6023 - Exploring the Future of 911 & CAD

911 today is all about change - changing people, technology, and public expectations. But it's also about innovation and how agencies can leverage IT, analytics, sensors, video, text, and artificial intelligence to create safer, more resilient communities. In this session, learn how change and innovation are coming together in CAD, the central element of the public safety ecosystem. A Hexagon product expert will review changes, challenges, and opportunities influencing public safety operations and CAD software and related systems in the future.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Chris Carver
6025 - HxGN LIVE 2019 CAD Sandbox

Come play in the HxGN LIVE 2019 CAD sandbox, where we'll offer multiple configurations and provide a list of events you can create and navigate to view new features in I/CAD 9.4. During this session, get valuable hands-on time with a variety of Hexagon products, work on a standalone system, change the dispatcher GUI, and operate some basic workflows. CAD experts will also be on hand to answer questions and help provide additional insight. Don't miss out!

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) John Gaines
Frank Moore
6026 - Quiz the Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS Wizards Have questions about your Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS system? Get the answers you need during this forum-style session with leading Hexagon product experts. In this interactive, dynamic, and customer-driven session, discuss WebRMS topics and features beneficial for a successful system. No question is off limits! 45 Minutes Breakout Session Gina Steadman
Ben Van Horne
James Larsen
Brian Evans
6027 - Everything You Need to Know About Moving to HxGN OnCall (Tech Highlight Session)

On the fence about transitioning to HxGN OnCall Dispatch? In this one-hour session, a Hexagon solutions expert will dispel your fears about moving to our next-generation, browser-based CAD. Discover how HxGN OnCall Dispatch allows you to easily configure your CAD system with modern capabilities, making it more sustainable over time. You'll even learn how your existing investment in I/CAD carries through to HxGN OnCall Dispatch. You don't want to miss this session!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Daniel Maxson
6028 - Hexagon Public Safety User Group (HPSUG)

This group connects public safety agencies facing similar problems and objectives, giving them a forum to share best practices, technology trends, and future ideas. Membership is free and open to any U.S.-based public safety customer. The HxGN LIVE meeting will focus on industry challenges, the future of Hexagon technologies, and plans for next year.

1 Hour User Group Meetings
6029 - Canadian Intergraph Public Safety User Group (CIPSUG)

Open to all HxGN LIVE public safety attendees from Canada, the CIPSUG meeting shares relevant issues and promotes networking with other Hexagon customers. Engage with diverse users across Canada and have valuable discussions with top product experts on the solutions you use every day.

1 Hour User Group Meetings
6100 - Hands-on Training: I/CAD System Administration

When every second counts, your I/CAD system is one of your most precious resources. Maximize your agency's technology investment during this hands-on training course with leading Hexagon product experts. As a system administrator, you'll learn best practices, explore configurations and the I/CAD registry, and use administrative tools and products to configure a working I/CAD system. During this deep-dive session, learn about:

  • Multi-line command lines
  • Creating monitors and filters through CADDBM and I/Dispatcher
  • Configuring pop-up menus, default views, picklists, and multiple highlight colors
105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Frank Moore
6101 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety

During incidents and major events, first responders need flexible tools to make their communities better places to live, work, and visit. Don't miss this hands-on training course on Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety, Hexagon's powerful in-vehicle application that gives users in the field the insight they need to handle any event. During this deep-dive session, learn how to:

  • Navigate the user interface, menu, and flexible map options
  • Identify problems and troubleshoot the system

This session is for Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety users familiar with Windows-based operations and mobile data computers.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) John Gaines
6102 - Hands-on Training: Configuring Alerts in Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS The moment a crime or an emergency happens, Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS alerts agencies so they can respond quickly and improve community safety. Learn how to configure unlimited alerts based on record creation, data changes, or a combination of the two during this hands-on training workshop with top Hexagon product experts. Back by popular demand, this course will teach you how to set up alerts in your own WebRMS system. 105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Brian Evans
6103 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS Administrative Overview

Need a condensed view of the administrative features available in Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS, our cloud-deployable records management system for police and law enforcement? Join a Hexagon product expert for a hands-on look into InPursuit WebRMS administrative tools designed to customize and streamline your department’s operations.

This session is for system administrators who want to become more familiar with configuring and customizing InPursuit WebRMS.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Brian Evans
6104 - Hands-on Training: Report Building & Analysis for All

Without context, data holds little value. Get the insights you need to deliver better reporting, analysis, and decision-making in his hands-on training course with top Hexagon product experts. Open to users of all experience levels, this workshop will teach you how to quickly build meaningful, interactive reports using custom data models and tools in Intergraph InSight. Whether you're a supervisor, dispatcher, analyst, or detective, you'll have the tools you need to increase public awareness and solve complex business problems.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Jack Williams
6105 - Hands-on Training: Solving Problems with I/Map Editor Increase your knowledge of I/MapEditor as it relates to the I/CAD system map maintenance workflow. During this hands-on training course, use specialized data to create I/CAD mapping files and related map table data. Learn how to solve practical workflow problems with this tool, as well as some important aspects of map design and data maintenance. 105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Steven Cain
6106 - Hands-on Training: I/CAD Workflows

Technology is rapidly changing the way you do your job and how your public safety agency meets growing service demands. Stay on top of the latest digital innovations by joining Hexagon product experts for a training session on the Workflows capability in I/CAD. In this hands-on workshop, learn how you can use this powerful tool to extend the benefits of I/Calltaker and I/Dispatcher for your organization. During this deep-dive session, discover:

  • Best practices
  • How to avoid common errors
  • Client workflow examples
  • How to create client workflows to automate simple and complex tasks
  • How to build your own client workflows

This session is for I/CAD users and administrators familiar with I/Calltaker and I/Dispatcher.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Duncan Kennington
6107 - Hands-on Training: Mastering I/CAD's Recommend Unit Function
Are you interested in expanding your use of Recommend Unit, one of I/CAD’s most powerful functions? Grow your skill set during a hands-on training course that will explore response plans, requirements, and other options to ensure the right units, people, and equipment respond to incidents and emergencies. Open to users of all experience levels, this workshop will help you leverage Recommend Unit to best fit your agency’s needs.

During this deep-dive session, learn how to: 
- Define and use requirements and response plans 
- Set up Recommend Unit for simple closest unit recommendations
- Configure Recommend Unit behavior 
- Understand command line options 
- Ensure Recommend Unit performs rapidly 

This session is for I/CAD users and administrators familiar with I/Dispatcher.
105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Duncan Kennington
6108 - Hands-on Training: Troubleshooting Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety

To support and maintain mission-critical systems, agencies must find answers and resolve problems quickly. During this deep-dive training session with top Hexagon product experts, get the methods and tools needed to troubleshoot problems in Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety. This hands-on workshop will also feature a panel-style open discussion, so come prepared with your questions and input!

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) John Gaines
6109 - Hands-on Training: I/Dispatcher Troubleshooting in I/CAD

As the first link between callers and emergency responders, dispatchers must act quickly to connect individuals with the help they need. Don't miss this hands-on training course, where you'll learn how to switch the dispatcher configuration within I/CAD back to default and better respond when the GUI loses half of its dispatcher dialogs during a monitor swap. During the workshop, Hexagon product experts will provide real-world examples and practical solutions to problems affecting dispatchers everywhere. You'll also learn best practices to help minimize future glitches before they become big issues for your agency.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Frank Moore
6112 - Hands-on Training: Troubleshooting Intergraph Mobile Responder

More agencies than ever are adopting Intergraph Mobile Responder to improve safety and productivity while extending workflows outside the vehicle. During this hands-on training course, Hexagon product experts will explain how to leverage files and logs to identify and resolve problems within Mobile Responder during incidents and major events.

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) John Gaines
6113 - Hands-on Training: Getting Acquainted with GeoMedia Software

Become a mapping expert within your organization by joining us for an in-depth workshop exploring Hexagon's latest GeoMedia software. During this hands-on training course, Hexagon product experts will demonstrate how to create queries, add features to your workspace legend, and label and create map files with provided sample data. Don't miss out!

105 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in) Steven Cain