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Conference Catalog

1201 - Real-Time Situational Awareness with the Luciad Portfolio.

In this session, you will receive an extensive overview of the products in the Luciad portfolio. You will also experience the capabilities that these products offer hands-on, in ready-to-deploy solutions. You will load, visualize and interact with a wide variety of data sources to complete image comparisons, analyze weather in 4D, and create a submarine mission. We will demonstrate how easy it can be to set up a web service for 3D data and create a digital reality in the browser. The sky is the limit! By the end of this session we will show you several examples of what is possible when you go beyond the standard available tools using the SDKs.

540 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required)
1202 - Fight Water Shortage with Illegal Pool Detection Using M.App Enterprise

Access to clean water is a key initiative for every city worldwide. Changes in the climate are forcing many cities to act in smarter ways in order to conserve water. In cities such as Cape Town, construction of private pools is adding to the unnecessary consumption of clean water. In this session you will learn how M.App Enterprise can be used to automatically monitor and identify illegal pools, create meaningful dashboards for the evaluation of data, and build mobile applications that will enable fieldworkers to efficiently mitigate the issue in problem areas.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required)
1203 - Manage Illegal Garbage Dumps by Integrating GeoMedia WebMap, ERDAS IMAGINE, Mobile Alert, and Mobile MapWorks

Learn firsthand how to integrate software products by Hexagon's Geospatial division into one business process to address a real world problem. Use ERDAS IMAGINE geoprocessing/machine learning to automatically detect illegal garbage dumps from satellite imagery. Use GeoMedia WebMap to view suspicious places and visualize the problem at scale. Apply Mobile Alert to engage the local community and recieve continuous local input. Use Mobile MapWorks to plan on-site inspections and clean-up efforts. Be empowered to make smart, positive change while mitigating activities that cause damaging long-term effects with Power Portfolio and Smart M.App.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
1204 - Mapping Features with Artificial Intelligence in ERDAS IMAGINE

Artificial Intelligence, particularly machine learning and deep learning, is used in the geospatial industry to solve challenging problems. In this class, we will use some of the AI-based operators in Spatial Modeler to perform land cover classification and feature extraction.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
1205 - Cloud-Based Image Exploitation with M.App X

Image Exploitation Systems have traditionally required high-end workstations for each Image Analyst, which is costly and difficult to maintain. M.App X changes that! M.App X is a full-featured, cloud-based Image Exploitation System that is run from a browser, simplifying deployment and maintenance. This course will introduce the capabilities of M.App X with hands-on training and walk you through several typical workflows. The introduction includes image discovery and management, navigation, image adjustment, annotation, feature collection, printing, and geoprocessing.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
1206 - Spatial Modeling with Vector Feature Data using GeoMedia

The GeoMedia 2018 release provides the ability to generate, execute, and manage spatial models in the GeoMedia environment by using the Spatial Model Editor utility, the Run Spatial Model command, and the Explorer Window. Recent updates to the 2018 release of GeoMedia have added new spatial operators. GeoMedia now delivers a complete set of vector feature spatial operators that are functionally equivalent to the basic query capabilities of GeoMedia. This session will provide an overview of the spatial operators in GeoMedia and how those operators can be used in spatial models to solve complex, vector-based spatial analysis. Training will include the use of ERDAS IMAGINE spatial operators within the GeoMedia environment. We will also present a review of recent customer success stories in spatial modeling and hold an open discussion of the next GeoMedia capabilities for spatial operators.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
1207 - Automate Copernicus Data Ingesting and Publishing Using Xalt EdgeFrontier to Orchestrate Provider Suite Products

Learn how Xalt EdgeFrontier can orchestrate Provider Suite products to trigger when events occur and control data flow throughout a larger system. This session assumes prior Provider Suite experience and will largely focus on building an EdgeFrontier system from scratch. Students will learn how to integrate Geospatial components into their system to perform automated workflows. In this lesson, the workflows involve automatically polling Copernicus Data APIs for an area of interest, pulling data locally, triggering a Geoprocessing request, and cataloguing the result into a local ERDAS APOLLO repository.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
1301 - Hands-on Training: I/CAD Essentials - Level I

Open to fire, law enforcement, and EMS users, this four-hour, hands-on training course will cover the essential functions of I/Dispatcher, a product within the Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) suite. From log on to sign off, Hexagon product experts will guide you through the basic life cycle of a unit and an event in I/Dispatcher. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this session will enhance your knowledge and understanding of how I/Dispatcher works and show new capabilities added to version 9.4. We will also discuss OnCall Essentials/Viewer/Dashboard for I/CAD? This session is for I/CAD users familiar with I/Dispatcher, I/Calltaker, and Microsoft Windows products.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Frank Moore
1302 - Hands-on Training: I/CAD Essentials - Level II

Dig deeper into I/Dispatcher during the second part of this hands-on I/CAD training course. See what's new and learn how to create and update events and their statuses, perform event, unit, and employee inquiries, and complete map functions, including commands, controls, and views. This session is for I/CAD users familiar with I/Dispatcher, I/Calltaker, and Microsoft Windows products.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Frank Moore
1303 - Hands-on Training: I/CAD System Administration - GUI Modification

Calling all system administrators! Take your knowledge of I/CAD to the next level during this hands-on training course, where you'll learn advanced system administration and configuration tasks from leading Hexagon product experts. During this deep-dive session, discover how to:

  • Modify GUI resources in Visual Studio
  • Make new modifications in monitors through Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Manage GUI files in CADDBM

This session is for experienced I/CAD system administrators and stakeholders familiar with Windows-based applications, administrative tasks, and agency workflows. You should have a working knowledge of I/CAD and I/CAD products, including CADDBM, I/Executive, and I/Dispatcher.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Duncan Kennington
1304 - Hands-on Training: I/CAD System Administration - Deployment & Centralized Administration

Hone your skills as an I/CAD system administrator during this four-hour, hands-on training course. Learn how to deploy and configure your I/CAD system to improve incident response and boost productivity within your agency. During this deep-dive session, you'll learn how to:

  • Install I/CAD silently and automatically
  • Use Group Policy to distribute I/CAD configuration
  • Manage configuration files in CADDBM
  • Distribute map and deployment files

This session is for experienced I/CAD system administrators and other stakeholders familiar with Windows-based applications and administrative tasks. You should have a working knowledge of I/CAD and Microsoft Windows.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Duncan Kennington
1305 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph InPursuit® WebRMS for System Administrators

Your job is demanding. As you're asked to do more with less, you must also manage your data. Join us for a first-hand look into how you can leverage Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS to make your job easier. Come prepared to discuss your agency's operations for incident and traffic accident reporting, case investigations, evidence and asset management, arrest processes, and more. During this deep-dive session, learn about:

  • Administering, updating, and maintaining Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS software
  • Modules and common workflows
  • Establishing new users
  • Working with alerts, approvals, user interface customization, and approval routing

This session is for system administrators familiar with configuring and performing tasks within Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Brian Evans
1306 - Hands-on Training: Simplify Your Daily Workflows with Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS

Better manage resources and improve public safety in your community during this four-hour, hands-on training workshop with Hexagon product experts. Discover tools within Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS to help streamline your daily routine and enhance officer safety and productivity in the field. During this deep-dive session, learn about:

  • Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS modules
  • Data entry and approvals
  • Linking and evidence submission and management
  • Common workflows
240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Brian Evans
1307 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph InSight Suite - Introduction

First responders need accurate, complete data to make their communities safer places to live, work, and visit. Join top-notch product experts for a four-hour, hands-on training session on Intergraph InSight, Hexagon's new suite of public safety data visualization and analytics software for evidence-based reporting, analysis, and decision-making. Discover how you can leverage these powerful products to assess performance, better allocate resources, and improve operations within your agency.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Chris Klimm
1308 - Hands-on Training: Intergraph InSight Suite - Advanced

Public safety agencies collect massive amounts of data each day. But, without context, that data holds little value. Learn how Hexagon's new Intergraph InSight suite transforms raw, fragmented, incomplete, and inaccurate data into usable reports so you can quickly turn knowledge into action. During this deep-dive session, learn how to: 

  • Share information via the web, on-premise, or in the cloud
  • Set up alerts within your agency
  • Build powerful visualizations
240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Chris Klimm
1309 - Hands-on Training: Mobile Administration & Remote Content Manager

Maintaining a mobile fleet is critical for first responders. In this four-hour, hands-on training course, Hexagon product experts will share the essentials of mobile administration for Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety and explain how to update field units with Remote Content Manager. During this deep-dive session, learn how to:

  • Send information from I/CAD and I/Mobile Data Terminal to Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety
  • Install, configure, and deploy Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety
  • Configure and deploy Remote Content Manager

This session is for Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety administrators familiar with Windows-based operations and mobile data computers.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) John Gaines
1310 - Hands-on Training: Exploring Intergraph Mobile Responder

First responders need secure, timely access to information to make their communities safer and more resilient. In this hands-on training course, see how Intergraph Mobile Responder extends Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) to public safety agencies, providing the information and situational awareness they need to effectively respond to and manage any crisis. During this deep-dive session, learn about:

  • IT management and configuration
  • User interface overview and use

This session is for I/CAD and Intergraph Mobile Responder administrators familiar with Apple, Android, or Windows-based applications.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) John Gaines
1501 - Managing Plant Lifecycle Including Project Execution with HxGN SDx

Across its lifecycle a plant is under constant change; from greenfield to contractor handover to extension projects, maintenance modifications, de-bottlenecking and other activities are changing the AsBuilt state of a facility. Typically handling multiple changes and projects is a challenge and creates potential conflicts. There is often an administrative burden and disconnected information. During this session, you will learn how HxGN SDx solutions provide a common database to allow management of these changes consistently. Learn how to raise and evaluate a change and how the new impact analysis of SDx Operations will help identify the required documentation and data needed for the execution of a change, as well as identifying potential conflicts. Additionally, practice how small changes can be handled with SDx Operations and how larger projects executed with external parties/companies can be handled with SDx Projects. We will show examples of how Capital Facilities Information Handover Specification (CFIHOS) can be used to exchange project data with offline contractors. Compliance comes as standard with SDx. Capabilities that will be covered: data capture using CFIHOS; management of change process; impact analysis; visual intelligence reporting; document lifecycle; submitting revisions of documents; QA review including document mark-up; technical query work process; conflict resolution and project close out; export in CFIHOS format; AsBuilt verification of change.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Rene van Strien
Sascha Antvogel
1502 - Improve Maintenance and Inspection Planning and Execution with the Digital Twin HXGN SDx Operations

Get an overview about the new HxGN SDx release and its connectors to SAP Plant Maintenance and OSI PI. Learn how to improve the efficiency of maintenance and inspection work processes. Get your hands on the latest release of HxGN SDx, learn how to identify open work within the plant using the new visual intelligence reporting for 3D models, and understand how the new impact analysis will indicate if your plant is under change and identify potential conflicts. Prepare SAP work orders, which create connected SDx work packages. Learn how these work packages can describe detailed scope for an SAP work order and how it will be made available offline using the new HxGN SDx Mobile application. Bring your own device (iOS/Android) and get a first sneak preview of the new app. Lastly, get an overview of how HxGN SDx integrates with j5, the newly acquired shift handover and permit to work system at Hexagon PPM. Capabilities that will be covered: SAP integration; work package planning; OSI; data books; impact analysis; mobile app; visual intelligence reporting; j5 integration.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Sascha Antvogel
Nils van Heijnsbergen
1503 - Advanced CADWorx Project Execution

An advanced CADWorx & Analysis implementation provides many opportunities for efficiency gains in any project workflow. Join us in this session as we address the challenges of utilizing your investment in data and models to maximize deliverable automation based on your 3D efforts. Topics covered include:

  • Specs and Libraries
  • Project Setup
  • Intelligent P&IDs
  • Point Cloud Integration
  • 3D Modeling Design
  • Analysis Coordination
  •  Advanced Deliverable Automation
  • Model Review/Visualization
  • Model Driven Management of Change/Revisions
  • Project Publication


BricsCAD; CADWorx P&ID Professional; Leica CloudWorx w/Jetstream; CADWorx Plant Professional; CADWorx Structure; PV Elite; CAESAR II; GT STRUDL; CADWorx Design Review Professional; Isogen

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Chad Snider
1504 - Calculating Natural Frequencies in Piping Systems Using CAESAR II

Engineers are increasily interested in the frequency response of their piping systems as a measure of their "likelihood of failure." In this session, attendees will create a model for dynamic analysis in CAESAR II. This model will be used to point out modeling and analysis decisions necessary for a correct and effective modal analysis.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) David Diehl
1505 - Leveraging Your Data Using the Intergraph Smart Electrical Web API

Smart Electrical Web API opens a world of possibilities for accessing project data, including retrieving and viewing data from multiple projects at a single endpoint and accessing data from a device where Intergraph Smart Electrical is not installed. This session will begin with a discussion of installing and configuring the web API environment including client tools such as Postman and obtaining web client credentials. We will continue with a series of labs where you will learn how to access meta and project specific data using pre-configured queries as well as your own queries. Examples will include accessing the EDM (Entity Data Model), plant metadata, items and their properties in a project, such as motor and cable collections, documents list, user defined fields (UDF), and select lists. You will also learn how to use in your query a variety of functions and methods such as count, order by, filters and more. You will learn how to use the Web API to update item properties as well as Power BI, a data visualization toolset to produce custom reports consumed from the Web API data that allows electrical engineers and stakeholders to see the big picture, make informed decisions, identify significances, and track trends over time to reduce cost and stay on schedule. Other topics include: visualized reports such as total motor count per unit and its manufacturer distribution, or total cable material to order per cable type, list of power cable ready to publish to S3D per unit, cables count already routed in 3D and more.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Yuval Adler
1508 - Tracking Fabrication and Assembly lines with Smart Materials Mobile Scan

Increasing efficiency and reducing errors leads to better bottom line results. Making your fabrication and assembly line teams focus on what really counts - instead of administration - also increases results on different levels. In this highly interactive training session you will create spools/assemblies; assign barcodes and QR codes to components; receive/issue these components to a fabrication or assembly drawing; set up fabrication and/or assembly stations; and move through all stations until the end product is automatically received. All of this is done by just a few click on a mobile device! For this training you would be required to bring a laptop, mobile phone (IOS or Android) and a pair of walking shoes as this is really an interactive experience.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Paid - Sign-up Required) Johan Kroon
1800 - Nastran 2019: Improved Speed, Improved Accuracy

MSC Nastran 2019.0 is released to position MSC Nastran to tackle the biggest and most difficult problems of tomorrow. Join this training session to learn more about the new meshing capabilities, new rotordynamic technologies, improved output for nonlinear analysis (SOL 400) and our improved output database (HDF5).

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Bhoomi Gadhia
1801 - Additive Manufacturing: Optimize Your Print, Not Just Your Part

Join this training session to learn how to use simulation (i.e. Virtual Manufacturing) to ensure high quality 3D printed parts. Through the virtual manufacturing process users will learn how to simulate the transient dynamics of the printing process, evaluate print orientations and compensate for geometry deformations. The morning session will focus on metal printing, the afternoon will focus on plastic parts.

540 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Bobby Cook
Arjaan Buijk
1802 - Autonomous Vehicle Development: Virtual Environment for Vehicle Testing

This training session will provide an overview for the creation, configuration, presentation and evaluation of virtual environments for autonomous vehicle development. It is used for the development of ADAS and automated driving systems as well as the core for training simulators. It covers the full range from the generation of 3D content to the simulation of complex traffic scenarios and, finally, to the simulation of either simplified or physically driven sensors. This software can also be leverage for SiL, DiL, ViL and HiL applications.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Karthik Krishnan
1803 - MSC Apex: Unified CAE Environment for Virtual Product Development

MSC Apex is a CAE specific direct modeling and analysis solution that streamlines CAD clean-up, simplification and analysis workflow. The solution features sophisticated and interactive tools that are easy to use and easy to learn.

240 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) James Pura
1804 - PC-DMIS Tuesday Master Class: GD&T Training

Embedded GD&T is starting to gain traction in manufacturing and inspection. Get your company ahead of the curve with this training on the fundamentals, requirements, and best practices for annotated CAD models. In the training we will cover what's new in Y14.5 - 2019, the expanded toolbox in ISO 1101-2017, as well as looking at results comparisons between two seemingly equal Feature Control Frames.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Rob Jensen
1805 - PC-DMIS Tuesday Master Class: How New Standards from ASME & ISO will Impact PC-DMIS Users

Metrology standards are evolving. Learn practical examples of what the new standards from ASME and ISO mean to your business and how they are managed within PC-DMIS. Experience the new features developed to comply with these standards and practice how to implement ASME Y14.5-2019 and ISO 1101. This session will also help you understand how your metrology results will be affected and cover migration of existing programs and reporting.

1 Hour Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Matt Kopesky
1806 - PC-DMIS Tuesday Master Class: Creation Workshop

Program more efficiently! Learn about new features within PC-DMIS and software tips and tricks to help you reduce your measurement routine creation time. In this training session, you will learn about recent changes to the MSE and QuickScanning, and also get hands-on with the new GD&T Selection and Capture feature that uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to speedily import your GD&T data.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Sign-up Required) Rob Jensen
3203 - Exploring the Analyzer API to connect to, visualize, and interact with live IoT data

Participants will build out a new Feature Analyzer application based on New York 911 calls for service (Historical 911 Calls for Service). Participants will also use the Analyzer API to connect and link to a second dataset (Existing Dispatch Areas), build out a Node-red flow, and simulate a live connection to an IoT data source. The live data connection will also be made to notification services and the LuciadRIA 3D visualization tool will then be used to create thematic 3D maps.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3204 - Machine Learning Applications for Land Classification

Our environment is constantly changing due to weather, natural disasters, deforestation, urbanization, farming, politics, and many other factors. The ability to identify and understand recent changes and predict potential future changes is critical to many state, local and national government organizations. Hexagon US Federal provides an application that handles these requirements: the Land Cover Mapping (LCM) tool. Built on the ERDAS IMAGINE platform and incorporating a machine learning Classification and Regression Tree (CART) algorithm, the LCM tool is easy to use and provides powerful analysis of land cover datasets. This analysis supports numerous activities, such as monitoring changes of census tracts to verify farm subsidy eligibility among others. Attend this hands-on class to learn how to use the ERDAS IMAGINE platform, the built-in spatial modeler, and the LCM tool for land cover mapping applications. Students will learn (a) how to easily and accurately classify imagery such as the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery available through the Hexagon Imagery Program, (b) how to properly train the machine learning algorithm for optimal results, and (c) the best techniques for choosing independent variable inputs, such as normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), slope, moisture content, and elevation models. In addition to learning how to use the key features of the application, participants will also learn about using the spatial modeler to extend the LCM tool capabilities and workflows for publishing results as cloud services. Once these processes and resulting data sets become available as web services, they can be incorporated into autonomous connected ecosystems (ACE). These ACE may be used to control automated collections of new land cover imagery and integration of other sensor feeds important to understanding the dynamic environment. They may also be used for reporting and alerting based on specific land cover changes.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3205 - Managing Air Traffic with AIXM and the Luciad Portfolio

In this session you will learn about AIXM, an invaluable standard format for data in the aviation industry. You will gain an understanding of the complexity of the format and learn how the Luciad Portfolio is perfectly equipped to handle that complexity for you. Taking on the role of an Air Traffic Manager, you will use tools such as the AIXM Viewer to experience the air space in 4D. Your goal will be to plan optimal flight routes and avoid obstacles such as thunderstorms to ensure that all passengers arrive at their destination on time.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3207 - Encourage e-Participation in Smart Cities with a Smart M.App Built by Mobile Alert

Learn how quickly Smart M.Apps can address vital needs of Smart Cities. Use Mobile Alert to create a Smart M.App-based solution that involves citizens in e-participation. Engaging in this type of open innovation and information exchange with citizens is a great step toward developing a Smart City, an area where government leaders utilize technology to its greatest potential in order to gather data and make smart, efficient management decisions.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3209 - From Point Cloud to Highly Accurate Surfaces

A digital surface or elevation model (DSM/DEM) is a prerequisite for most geospatial applications. Examples of such applications include flood area mapping, line of sight analysis, and forest management. In this class, you will generate highly accurate gridded DSMs and DEMs from dense point cloud data. In doing so, you will also learn how to efficiently visualize, manipulate, and manage point cloud data both in a GUI and in the spatial modeler context.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3210 - Smarter Change Detection with ERDAS IMAGINE

Change makes geospatial data obsolete almost as fast as the data can be collected. Property appraisers, forestry workers, and the defense industry all rely on timely and accurate identification of change. This session will teach you the basics of change detection and introduce you to ERDAS IMAGINE's semi-automated zonal (area) change detection. Learn via hands-on training how this unique feature analyzes change on an area-by-area (zones) basis, how to prioritize the likelihood of change, and how to apply your own custom change algorithms within the change review user interface.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3211 - Taking Geoprocessing to the Next Level Using Spatial Modeler

Building on the Introduction to Spatial Modeling course presented in past years (and now available online in the Spatial Modeler eTraining Courses listing), this intermediate level course delves deeper into the myriad of tools available within Spatial Modeler. You will learn how to create user-friendly, reusable and batchable geoprocesses with it. Students will build several practical component models to seek solutions to geospatial problems by using capabilities such as Iterators, Tables, Functional Attributes and more. Students will primarily access the Spatial Model Editor via ERDAS IMAGINE, but the skills will be applicable to creating Spatial Recipes in and for GeoMedia, Spatial Workshop (M.App Studio), Hexagon Smart M.Apps, M.App X and other environments.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3212 - Improve Productivity Through Spatial Modeler Scripting with Python

The Spatial Modeler by Hexagon's Geospatial division provides a rich environment for creating geospatial algorithms that combine imagery, terrain, point clouds, and features. This course will teach you how to expand the applications using automation techniques involving either simple batch files or python scripting for greater range and flexibility.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3215 - Enhance Transportation Road Networks with Functional Attributes and Spatial Modeling in GeoMedia

The GeoMedia 2018 release provides the ability to generate, execute, and manage spatial models that can solve many of today's most complex business problems. Experience how spatial modeling can help maintain transportation road networks and learn the power of GeoMedia's Generate Functional Attributes spatial operator at the same time.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3217 - Automate your mosaic update with EdgeFrontier and Provide Suite products

Learn how Xalt EdgeFrontier can orchestrate Provider Suite products to trigger when events occur and control data flow throughout a larger system. This session assumes prior Provider Suite experience and will largely focus on building an EdgeFrontier system from scratch. Students will learn how to integrate Geospatial components into their system to perform automated workflows. In this lesson, the workflows involve polling a third-party data warehouse for new data and automatically triggering a GeoCompressor update on an existing ECW country-wide mosaic

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3218 - Connecting to any data source with Luciad technology Connecting to any data source is one of the key aspects of the Luciad Portfolio. Its modular architecture and flexible API provide a wide range of possibilities to integrate data sources and deliver geospatial software solutions. In this session, you will learn how the Luciad products fit together and how an architecture can be defined that optimally uses your data to meet the need of your business & mission critical operations. Next to an overview of the architecture behind the Luciad products and its data connectors, we explore a set of real-life geospatial data use cases and how they can be addressed using Luciad technology, including: * How to handle raster data consisting of thousands of files? * How to enable applications to interact with unlimited vector data? * How to handle dynamic data and explore it over time? * How to use your data in disconnected environments? * How to handle custom data sources? 120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
3219 - Creating geospatial webservices automatically with LuciadFusion

LuciadFusion is the easiest tool to publish your geospatial data. Through the Studio application you can setup web services in a few easy clicks. But what if that is even too much? In this session you will learn about the REST API from LuciadFusion that enables to automate everything from crawling data to distributing it. As a result you'll have a script that automatically sets up web services for all data on a new drive, without any interaction.

120 Minutes Hands-on (Complimentary - Walk-in)
6001 - Introduction to HxGN OnCall

Join us for this session, where you will learn about HxGN OnCall, the new public safety product portfolio comprised of dispatch, records, analytics, and other solutions from Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division.

1 Hour Breakout Session Dan Retzer
6002 - What Can UX Do for You?

Studio One, the multi-disciplinary user experience (UX) team with Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division, has met with more than 500 users around the world to develop sleek, modern, and cutting-edge designs for HxGN OnCall, Hexagon's new public safety product portfolio. Studio One is always looking to expand its knowledge of Hexagon customers' day-to-day operations to ensure our current and future products meet user needs and expectations. Join Studio One at HxGN LIVE to learn about the UX development process for HxGN OnCall Dispatch, Hexagon's new computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software suite that delivers superior incident management capabilities. Don't miss out!

1 Hour Breakout Session Jenny Glass
6004 - What's New in I/CAD?

Get the latest information, announcements, and insights about your computer-aided dispatch system by joining us for an informative session on what's new in I/CAD 9.4 and Intergraph OnCall Dispatcher. Product managers will highlight the benefits of the new quarterly release schedule and share a road map of Hexagon's exciting CAD solutions of the future.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Gina Steadman
Pete Crosbie
6005 - Quiz the I/CAD Wizards

If you have burning questions about your I/CAD system, now's your chance to quiz the experts. Join Hexagon product specialists in a forum-style setting to discuss I/CAD topics and features beneficial for a successful system. Back by popular demand, this session is interactive, dynamic, and customer driven. No question is off the table!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Duncan Kennington
Frank Moore
6006 - Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading to I/CAD 9.4

If your agency is using an older version of I/CAD, it's time to think about upgrading to I/CAD 9.4 to take advantage of the latest product enhancements and features. As with any system upgrade, you can expect some changes to your hardware, database, configuration, and user workflows during the transition. In this instructor-led session, Hexagon product experts will provide an overview of the upgrade process and discuss hardware and virtualization platforms, database considerations, and other common challenges to help you prepare for a successful rollout. You'll also have an opportunity to ask questions, so come prepared!

45 Minutes Breakout Session Shelli Baker
6007 - Tips & Tricks: Making the Most of I/CAD

As safety and security challenges become more complex, agencies have a harder time preventing, responding to, and recovering from incidents and major events. In this session, discover our best time-saving tips and tricks to enhance your I/CAD experience and provide intelligent response. Hexagon product experts will also share setting and configuration changes within I/CAD. Don't miss out! In this session, learn about:

  • GUI modifications for I/Calltaker and I/Dispatcher
  • Workflow examples
  • Displaying additional data in I/NetViewer
  • Displaying extra fields in Intergraph Mobile Responder

This session is for I/CAD users and administrators familiar with I/Calltaker, I/Dispatcher, I/NetViewer, and Intergraph Mobile Responder.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Duncan Kennington
6008 - Testing Approaches & Best Practices in I/CAD

Get the most out of your Hexagon technology investment by discovering testing approaches and best practices related to I/CAD. In this session, join leading product experts to learn the differences between automated and manual testing and ensure your I/CAD system is running smoothly.

45 Minutes Breakout Session Duncan Kennington
6010 - Establishing a Data Analytics Culture within Public Safety Agencies

The explosion of big data can transform public safety agencies, helping them build smarter systems that drive efficiency and improve safety. To do this, organizations must establish a data analytics culture that gives managers the insights they need to make their communities safer and more resilient. Attend this session with leading Hexagon product experts to learn key strategies for implementing a data-driven culture within your agency. During this session, learn how to:

  • Better support decision-making with data
  • Objectively assess new programs and policies
  • Lower your agency's response times
  • Unlock data resources
45 Minutes Breakout Session Jack Williams
Chris Klimm
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